Thomas Anders – Cosmic

Thomas Anders - Cosmic



4.1/5 Pros

  • Thomas Anders is doing Modern Talking (alike) songs again
  • The riddle: is there a hidden message behind "Cosmic"?
  • Excellent vocal skills by Thomas Anders
  • Partying 1980's style Cons

  • The Modern Talking songs have a similar structure
  • Either you love the M.T. sound - or you hate it

Thomas Anders is back to pop music. After his recent publications on the German Schlager genre, the Gentleman of Music is back in the record stores with pop music. The album has been released on 26th March 2021, just in the same week he has been uncovered as the Turtle in the German version of the Masked Singer TV Show. The album title is Cosmic, it is his 16th (solo studio) album overall.


Thomas Anders – About The Artist

I wrote some bio facts about Thomas Anders (or: Bernd Weidung, which is his civil name) i my review of the Das Album album, which Anders recorded with Florian Silbereisen. The recording has been a German Schlager album, though – Cosmic is rather pop and is closer to previous Thomas Anders projects. His most successful pop single, by the way, was the 2003 Independent Girl, which has been Top 20 in GermanyDas Album with Florian Silbereisen was a huge success, topping the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Before that, Thomas Anders most successful non-German solo albums have been This Time (2014, #14 in Germany) and Two with Uwe Fahrenkrog-Pedersen (2011, #11 in Germany).


Thomas Anders – Cosmic – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Cosmic Rider

The album incepts with the first single of the album. Cosmic Rider feels like a time travel back in the Modern Talking years. Who is doing the falsetto vocals on this album, by the way? Did Thomas Anders get some support from Systems in Blue?

I’m a cosmic rider up in the sky
I’m a sole survivor, I fly so high
No, baby, I’m born again
No, born again tonight
From Mars to Jupiter and back
I search for you, oh, it’s so dry
Oh, cosmic rider for all time
You will be mine

You cannot argue that these lyrics are close to poetry.. But the song has a nice beat and feels like a never forgotten era of music.

2. Undercover Lover

Undercover Lover connects seemlessly to Cosmic Rider. A strong rhythm, some electric style melodic elements and a duet between Thomas Anders grand vocals and a falsetto voice. It also connects to Cosmic Rider in an rather less fortunate way: don’t care too much about the lyrics. They are majorly made to support the rhythm.

3. Ready For Romance

I am ready, ready for romance,
For a lifetime, once again
I am ready, ready for romance,
Let the love shine, make a friend
and I never thought we’d meet again.

First of all, this song is the first ballad. No eurodance, no strong rhythm, no falsetto. Just the amazing voice of Thomas Anders. The first song on the album which made me struggle a bit as well. Ready For Romance is also the title of the 1986 Modern Talking album, it featured songs like Brother Louie. Is there a hidden message in that song? This question will pop up again while listening to Cosmic Rider. 

4. Je ne sais pas

Je ne sais pas, je ne sais pas
You’re the lady of my heart
Je ne sais pas, je ne sais pas
Now let’s try a brand new start

There are countless references to Modern Talking on this album. You’re the lady of my heart is another Modern Talking song title. The song is in M.T. style again as well. Mysterious messages.

5. Moonlight In Your Eyes

Every single night I think about you
Fire deep inside, I dream about you
How can I survive? Can’t let it bring me down
Loneliness is sad, I think about you
Fairytale gone bad, I dream about you
Oh, I want you back, a queen without a crown

I almost feel glad that I neither identify a significant reference to Thomas Anders’ musical history in here. Hard to believe that these lyrics are written to Dieter Bohlen. The song is coming with the simple, but simply effective style again. Nice keyboard play in this song.

6. Today, Tonight, Together

The sixth song of the album comes with Latin-style rhythms and thus does not only makes you want to dance, but also spreads some summer feelings. Nice one.

7. More Than A Million

Before the falsetto voices occur in the post-chorus, the song almost feels like Thomas Anders’ recent schlager recordings. If you don’t like the vibe of the Disco Fox, this song is not right for you.

8. Don’t Let Me Down

Don’t let me down ’cause you’re in my heart
Forever and lifetime, let’s try a brand new start
Don’t let me down, I see it in your eyes
‘Cause every single moment it feels like paradise
Don’t let me down

The a bit of soppy style of this ballad is again a schlager-style song, which is majorly supported by the piano in the background. Songs like that illustrate the vast vocal potential of Thomas Anders.

9. Heaven No. 9

A touch of space-alike atmospheric element: Thomas Anders feels to be ready to go to the top. The song leads to a good mood – just using the same elements all these Modern Talking style songs are using.

10. Another Night, Another Heartache

Another Night, Another Heartache is one of my favorites on the album. It gives a nice balance between the Thomas Anders vocals and the falsetto parts. While in some songs, this contrast feels a bit too strong, it is quite harmonic in here.

11. Angel Blue Eyes

Angel Blue Eyes is a beautiful ballad with a strong pop touch. No falsetto in here. If you don’t like the Modern Talking stuff, this one could be a good option to start listening to the album.

12. Modern Talking (Connect The Nation)

The final track of the album (which Anders disclosed the week before album release) is somehow promising, somehow mysterious. Is this one really a call to Dieter Bohlen to re-unite another time? Or is it just some sort of thank you to all the memories after the Modern Talking story did not end up too well twice? Time will tell.


Thomas Anders – Cosmic – Spotify

Here is Cosmic on Spotify:


Thomas Anders – Cosmic – My View

Hmm… Thomas Anders is doing Modern Talking. Feels strange. The new in the last two, three years did not really read as if there was a chance of a Modern Talking reunion. Why Anders is doing this album is the key question behind Cosmic. Will there be another Modern Talking style band with him? Is the album a gift to his fans (especially in Eastern European countries), who long for new Modern Talking(-alike) songs? Or is he really try to make musical advances to Dieter Bohlen? Hard to believe that he is in the need of doing so. The album also illustrates: he is still a great singer. I love Cosmic – but I have to clearly state that I am quite balanced. Modern Talking, Blue System and Systems in Blue are part of my musical background. I am really excited how this story will continue.


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