Nox Holloway – If Only The World Didn’t Spin So Much EP

Nox Holloway - If Only The World Didn't Spin So Much



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very versatile pop songs
  • Interesting elements and good groove
  • Very modern, catching sound

When I started to write the review of the debut EP If Only The World Didn’t Spin So Much by Nox Holloway, I tried to find the names of the artist to start my bio section. I failed – even the press kit just states “The one” and “The other”. Their alternative pop music is cool, though – so I felt to share it with you. Release date is 24th September 2021.


Nox Holloway – About The Artists

Nox Holloway is a duo founded by two college students from South Carolina. They met at Clemson University – the recording studios they used for their EP already tell the bio of the band quite well: they started to record in the USA and then went to London for an abroad semester. Covid-19 forced them to head back early. They now concentrate on their professional music career and completed their work in Nashville.


Nox Holloway – If Only The World Didn’t Spin So Much – Track by Track

The seven track EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. Montana

I think I just might move to Montana – these are the thoughts with which Nox Holloway start their debut album. Rhythmic, with a good vibe. The song catches you from the very first moment. Not absolutely a mainstream recording, but definitely good one.

2. Separate Ways

Separate Ways has a bit more touch of hip hop. Again, the duo creates a nice groove, puts some good lyrics on top. The whistling in the chorus creates a catching, unique moment and feels like summer, happiness. That’s what pop is about, ain’t it?

3. Audrey

Audrey is maybe the central track of the EP. The US pop duo gives a 3:39 minute homage to Audrey Hepburn. A bit of slower than the songs before, which also leads to a certain R&B touch to me. Very nice work on the vocal side. Last, but not least, the song features one of Nox Holloway’s favorite instruments, the ukulele. They create special moments, no doubt.

4. Sapphire

Hard to say whether this is due to having the songs recorded in three very different locations – but after four songs, you already appreciate the very different style of the tracks on the EP. Sapphire feels very modern, maybe the most mainstream song on the EP. This time, they work with a simple chorus, electronic sounds, rhythm. Kind of simple ingredients for a really good sound.

5. Truman

The ukulele is back again as a central instrument in Truman. At the beginning of the track, this almost leads to a touch of folk pop – but the more the song evolves, I rather gives me references of Hawaii, sun again. The middle part of this song comes with a hip hop part. Very harmonic way to arrange the vocals in here with a nice range of variety.

6. The Reds

The Reds has been the most recent single release of If Only The World Didn’t Spin So Much. The song is remarkably short (2:22 minutes), but also uses very different elements like distorted vocals, but also guitar riff sounds. The song almost feels dramatic while listening. Cool touch!

7. Melt Clocks

The EP closes with Melt Clocks, which is rather going back to melodic sounds. The rhythm is very dominant in this song. I preferred other songs on this EP, to be straight – but it is a good one.


Nox Holloway – If Only The World Didn’t Spin So Much – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Nox Holloway – If Only The World Didn’t Spin So Much – My View

The title is long, the EP is versatile, the project is promising – these are my thoughts about Nox Holloway and their music in short. Will be interesting to see how long they can hide out their private life away from their musical career – If Only The World DIdn’t Spin So Much strongly feels like these guys will have significantly more success in the future. Really good debut!


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