Songs Of The Week (week of 9th February 2024)

Carnvial in Cologne – and I am in he United Arab Emirates this weekend. It is rather party season, no matter whether you are in Germany / Europe, at the Carnival in Rio or celebrate Mardi Gras. It is likely rather random that this edition of my Songs of the Week is rather a pop music one.


The Kolors – Un Ragazzo Una Ragazza

If you visited Italy in 2021 and listened to the radio, you could hardly prevent enjoying the slightly nostalgic beat of Cabriolet Panorama. The band who released this absolute pop masterpiece, The Kolors, are now back with their new single. On Wednesday, they released Un Ragazzo Una Ragazza – “A boy, a girl”. A cool Italo-pop track, which is a bit more modern than their 2021 summer hit. By the way: their most successful single has been the 2023 Italodisco. I love these guys!


Dylan – The Alibi

One of the most prominent new releases this week is The Alibi by the British artist Dylan. Songs like this one massively boosted the career of the artist, who is currently on her Rebel Child tour.


Conan Grey – Lonely Dancers

Conan Gray is doing modern synth-pop. The US-American artist from California did not only release Lonely Dancers this week, but also announced his album Found Heaven, which is expected to be released on 5th April 2024.


Sia & Kylie Minogue – Dance Alone

The next pop song in the list is a purely Australian collaboration. I guess I don’t have to say too much about Kylie. You might also know Sia from her collaboration with David Guetta. Even though I feel she is not that in the European music bubble, nine Grammy Award for Sia underline: this song is a clash of two Australian pop icons.


Adam Foyer – Hello Radio

While these Songs of the Week have really a lot of straight pop songs, it is also truly international. While, for example, the name Adam Foyer might suggest a British or US-American artist, Hello Radio is in fact a Norwegian writer. If you like the song: there are some European tour dates coming soon.


remme – heat

A very fresh and happy pop track has been released this week by the Dutch artist remme. There haven’t been too many releases by the artist in 2023, who therefor expanded his songbook and also toured with his music. Nice listen.


Pat Burgener, Tay Oskee & Oddbox – Ozone

Pat Burgener, the singing snowboard rider. In 2023, I really enjoyed listening to his PAT The Album. This collaboration by the Swiss artist is another really nice listen.


Sarah Lesch – Dey

With the German artist Sarah Lesch, the seventh song of my list of new releases is still coming from a country not yet represented. The artist from Thuringia is outing and states “Dey is my pronoun”. A strong message with a touch of country and rock.


Maggie Rogers – Don’t Forget Me

With Don’t Fotget Me, Maggie Rogers is one of the several artists in here, which promote an upcoming album with a song release. Don’t Forget Me will be the title track of the 12th April 2024 release. Nice song by the US-American artist from Maryland.


Bea and her Business – Me Against My Head

Me Against My Head by British singer-songwriter Bea and her Business is a nice, gentle ballad. Less than a year ago, her debut single Born To Be Alive had 31 million streams and over 130 million views on TikTok. This song feels promising as well.


Ayliva – Lieb mich

Elif Akar – or simply Ayliva – is a rising star in the German music scene. Especially during the last years, the artist from the German Ruhrgebiet gained a lot of popularity. A tour and a third album are already in the pipeline, amazing.


Kauz – Mit Liebe

A bit of reggae and some rock, that’s about the sound of German artist Kauz. The message of the artist how we should deal with nowadays problems is easy: Mit Liebe – With Love.


Tors – Happy Enough

Jack Bowden as well as brothers Theo and Matt Weedon are Tors, a band from Devon. The Weedon brothers are indeed grandsons of legendary guitarist Bert Weedon, who died in 2012. I am sure, he would love songs like Happy Enough.


Amber Van Day – Bug Eyes

With the alt-pop / post-pop song Bug Eyes, there is at least a touch of rock music in my very final song. Amber Van Day is a 27 year old artist from England. Very catching song at the end of this list.


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