#TrueAthletes Classics Leverkusen 2024 – Track Events

Even though I typically rather enjoy the field events from a photographic point of view, the track events are typically the main focus of an athletics meeting. Here is my report from the runners at the #TrueAthletes Classics 2024 in Leverkusen.

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#TrueAthletes Classics 2024 – Track Events

Similar to the technical field events, there was quite a focus on certain disciplines in Leverkusen in that meeting edition. Majorly, only the short sprint distances took place at Stadion Manfort.


Pupils Relay

The first running event has been the pupils relay. Strictly speaking, this has not been a track event, as (in contrast to previous) editions. Eight runners per team ran the distance of 50 meters.


100m Hurdles Women

The first running discipline in fact held on the track was the 100m Hurdles. The semifinal heats kicked off at 14:15. Three athletes did not start, so that there was just a total of eight athletes. Due to the wind, the heats were not held in front of the main stand of the stadium, but on the back straight. The B Final was cancelled without notice. The A final was three German runners. Ricarda Lobe won with 13.07 sec, followed by Rosina Schneider (13.11 sec) and Marlene Meier (13.22 sec).


110m Hurdles Men

Local Tim Eikermann did his best to become one of the heroes of the #TrueAthletes Classics 2024. He won the first semifinal heat with a new personal best (13.62 sec), which he even beat by a hundredth in the A final. However, there was his countryman Manuel Mordi, who stole the show from the Bayer Leverkusen athlete. His outstanding 13.36 sec time in the final did not give any other athlete a chance. The third placed athlete in the final was Ronan Greff from France.


100m Women

There were three semifinal heats for the 100m women’s sprint. Especially Rebekka Haase (11.09 sec) and her victory in the second heat left a mark and lead to a new meeting record. Unfortunately, I could not attend the A final any more, as I had to head to to the Andreas Dorau show in Essen. Haase won the final, even though she was 0.08 seconds slower than in the semifinal. Germans Lisa Mayer (11.20 sec) and Sophia Junk (11.28 sec) became second and third.


100m Men

Eighteen male sprinters went for the qualification to the A finals over 100 meters. British Jeremiah Azu already set a mark in these races. Only due to too strong backwind, his 10.05 sec did not count as season’s best time. The B final was remarkable, as German Yannick Wolf, who won the race, was in fact quicker (10.08 sec) than second placed Owen Ansah (Germany, 10.11 sec) in the A final. However, Azu was the hero of this competition, improving his personal best by seven hundredths of a second and having his first ever race faster than ten seconds. Finally, he won the heat with 9.97 seconds. Again, I was unfortunately already outside the venue when this amazing time was realized.


100m Para Race

Five Bayer Leverkusen athletes competed the para race, which was in fact the first running final of the day at 15:46. You cannot compare the times, as the athletes suffered from different limitations. The fastest time, however, was by Moritz Hoffmann (12.58 sec).


#TrueAthletes Classics 2024 – Field Events Report

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#TrueAthletes Classics Leverkusen 2024 – Field Events



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