Joe Sciacca – Kleine Wolke EP

Joe Sciacca - Kleine Wolke



4.0/5 Pros

  • Nice retro style synth-pop / electro pop
  • Good production Cons

  • Too short

After two albums in English, Joe Sciacca is releasing his EP Kleine Wolke on 21st January 2022. Obviously quite a move, as the album is in German language. Furthermore, Sciacca is moving from rock to pop music. Some reasons to have a deeper listen into the EP, which title translated to “Small Cloud”.


Joe Sciacca – About The Artist

Joe Sciacca was born in Zurich on 19th July 1976. He is Swiss and Italian citizen. Sciacca initially worked as jam guitarist in the 1990’s. His first major band, Tanelorn, played metal songs and was a support act for bands like Savatage or Blind Guardian. He left the project in 2002 and turned solo, which lead to this first album Brand New Day in 2007. ten years later, Sciacca released Heart In A Cage.


Joe Sciacca – Kleine Wolke – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 14 minutes

1. 1000 Meilen

1000 Meilen (“1000 Miles”) begins like a mixture of German schlager and Kim Wilde’s Kids In America. The song more and more turns into a nice German pop song with a retro touch. Nice melody line – and a lot of memories while listening. I like it.

2. Tanzen

Okay, if you are German and lived in the 1980’s, you just have to smile at the beginning of Tanzen (“Dance”). The song uses a quite straight quote of a melody, which has been used for a margarine advertisement in the mid-1980’s. Italians smile as well – as the original is Sara perche ti amo by Richi e Poveri (1981). After this very familiar beginning, the song turns to a nice synth pop song in a cool 1980’s style. I am quickly coating a bread and love the song.

3. Welle

Welle is a nice synth pop diddy with a bit of dark-ish, quiet style. The song feels to be more modern than the second song. Sciacca is indeed creating a nice sound in here.

4. Kleine Wolke

The song feels to be very similar to some of the songs before at first sight. However, the chorus is adding a very different touch. Yeah, you again cannot deny a schlager flavor in here, but on the other hand, the song at least feels like a 1990’s or 2000’s track and is thus somehow the most modern one.


Joe Sciacca – Kleine Wolke – Spotify

Here is Kleine Wolke on Spotify:


Joe Sciacca – Kleine Wolke – My View

Unfortunately, we just got four songs and less than fifteen minutes here. The sound of the Kleine Wolke EP is definitely asking for more. I like the retro style, not only due to the spread reference in the second track. Too short to be great, but long enough to demand a second EP.


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