Songs Of The Week (week of 22nd March 2024)

After I shared my Bochum Rock of Ages thoughts with you already, I am just about to have eight show streak of the musical in Cologne. The second part of my trip report is expected for Thursday (hopefully, I make it…). The Easter holiday season seems to lead to a rather short list of songs this time – however, I really love each and everyone of it. Hope you enjoy my new releases of the week until 22nd March 2024 as well.


Sea Girls – Midnight Butterflies

Midnight Butterflies is the title track of the new Sea Girls album. The British indie-pop band releases the full album in June 2024 and tour Europe in September. I just had to add their dates to my tour date overview after I listened to that song. By the way, it is already the second time the band leads my Songs of the Week this time – after they did so with I Want You To Know Me in the 12th January 2024 edition.


Sonic Universe – Higher

Sonic Universe is a metal collaboration between Corey Glover (Living Color) and Mike Orlando (Andrelane Mob). Higher is just their second single release. The debut album It Is What It Is is in the pipeline already. Great sound by the US-American duo. Look forward to more.


Stanfour – Guide me Home

The German band from the small island of Föhr is having their twentieth band anniversary this year. They were really popular in their home country in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s. The song is the first single release after eight years – and sounds really good.


ClockClock – Love U Again

The electro-pop band from Mannheim in Germany released their new single Love U Again this week. A typical ClockClock song. Their new album Over is about to be released on 5th May 2024.


Artemas – I like the way you kiss me

The British alternative pop artist will soon start getting his  suitcases packed for his tour, which is kicking off in Rotterdam in the Netherlands on 20th April 2024. I am sure his fans will party to this new song release.


Giovanni Zarella – Danza

I am a huge fan of the Italian band The Kolors. Synth-pop in Italian – they guys sell masses of records in their home country. The wonderful German-Italian artist Giovanni Zarrella is releasing a song in a very similar style this week. Giovanni is areally great and charming guy as well – and this song is just outstanding


Kelvin Jones – Piano

I featured Kelvin Jones concerts twice last year, the Heart to Heart event in Dusseldorf and his solo show in Frankfurt. Now, the British-Zimbabwean artist is back with a new song. Piano is just a cool listen, ain’t it?


Paenda – You Go

Paenda is an Austrian pop artist. Her biggest song so far has been a cover of Break My Stride – but songs like You Go underline that she is also catching in originals. In 2023, she released her third studio album already, on top of three albums.


Rosmarin – lila/grün

Rosmarin is a band from Kassel in Germany. Lila/grün is another song teasing their debut EP, which will be released in late April 2024. Nice electronic pop with a touch of melancholy.


Alec Benjamin – King Size Bed

King Size Bed is already the fourth single teasing Alec Benjamin’s new album 12 Notes. The US-American singer-songwriter has had some quite remarkable success with songs in Europe – this song feels promising as well.


Lebendig – Klassenfahrt 2.0

Lebendig is looking back to the memories of a “School Trip”, which is the translation of Klassenfahrt. The song looks back to teenage memories and all the fun at that time. A really nice song by the band from Gießen in Germany.


Teepee – Broken Silence

Blue Moon Rising is the album soon to be released by the indie folk and dream pop band Teepee. I rarely feature music from Czechia, so that I am really happy that I ran into this song. In May, they will play a few gigs in their home country.


The 69 Eyes – Fade To Grey

The final song of my release radar this week comes from Helsinki in Finland. You can call The 69 Eyes truly music legends, the dark rock / gothic rock band is active since 1989 and has released thirteen albums so far. The emotional Fade To Grey is not a cover of the 1980 song by Visage, by the way.



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