King & Potter – Habits!

King & Potter - Habits!



4.8/5 Pros

  • Great range of songs
  • Very versatile listen
  • Two nice instrumentals

What is an ideal band name if you are in a music duo and your German language surnames translate to “King” and “Potter”? You call yourself “King & Potter”. That’s about the short story behind the band name of the two Austrians, who release their second album “Habits!” on 1st December 2023. I had a listen – here are my thoughts.


King & Potter – About The Artists

King & Potter are Benny König and Martin Hafner. The two Austrian artists started as a hard rock cover band. However, they nowadays write own pop songs, which typically deal with emotions. They started to release music in 2018. This is also the release year of their debut album Dreams?. Since 2020, the duo from Vienna released songs which you finally find on Habit!.


King & Potter – Habits! – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Berlin

Berlin has been the first Habits! single released by the Austrian duo. This earworm is available since July 2020 – and it is still a great listen. I almost guarantee that this one stays in your head. With over three million Spotify streams, this one is also a fan favorite.

2. Killers In My Head

While I am still having Berlin in my head, the Austrian changed to killers in it. The song is more dramatic, also slightly slower, working with some electric pop elements as well. They won’t go – like the catching beat, which is driving this song.

3. Kiss Me Like You Mean It

After this energetic opening, King & Potter move to the piano and present a lovely ballad. Kiss Me Like You Mean It is one of the emotional highlights of the album. If you feel like hugging in winter time, these 3:41 minutes are a good option.

4. Acting Cool

Even though Acting Cool opens with quite a rocking touch, it finally turns into a rhythmic pop song. The stanzas are a bit too slow, almost lame, in my point of view. However, the chorus is on point.

5. Changing Places

Changing Places is likely the most unusual and surprising song on the album. It is simply an instrumental piano track, which underlines the emotional character of the album. Nice.

6. Loose Love

The piano stays the leading instrument for Loose Love. However, especially drums are supporting the sound of Loose Love, which is another very intense ballad – and a lovely love song.

7. Sick One

Sick One is a pop track with a nice groove and dancing qualities. Somehow a cool vibe, but other songs simply catch me more than this listen.

8. 20 Years

20 Years comes with rather slow section, but also gets quite angry and energetic in and around the chorus. Thus, even though it feels to have some potential, it does not work out as a ballad. But it is a good listen – there are other romantic listens in here for the special moments in life.

9. Free

Regarding ballads: Free is another one. This time, the duo is going for a guitar driven one. The vocals are sometimes a bit too intensely mixed in my point of view. But that’s really just a very minor point about a really good one.

10. Concerning Sarah

After the piano instrumental, Concerning Sarah is an acoustic guitar solo song. Listening reminds me about the Nacht der Gitarren I recently visited. Very nice listen – and my favorite non-vocal recording on the album.

11. Back To The Summer

You miss the warm season? The Vienna boys take you Back To The Summer – and have another fantastic song on their sophomore album.

‘Cause I wanna swing, swing like a king, king on an island‘Cause I wanna fly, fly, goodbye bye, see you then sirWith a big bang and a boom, boom beat of the drummerLet’s get moving back to the summer

By the way, if you like pop with rap parts – King & Potter even spread a bit of that vibe.

12. Heaven

The atmospheric Heaven is taking the farewell role of this album. The song initially feels like a slowing down – but the second half also has some almost angry parts.


King & Potter – Habits! – Track by Track

Here is Habits! on Spotify:


King & Potter – Habits! – Track by Track

I featured King& Potter twice in my Songs of the Week already – once with 20 Years in december 2022 and Back To The Summer in June 2023. Thus, I had a really good feeling about this album – but the two guys absolutely smashed it. Very versatile range of pop songs – even the two instrumentals do work out. Love it!

Favorite Songs: Berlin and Free


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