Cody Hibbard – Memory and A Dirt Road

Cody Hibbard - Memory And A Dirt Road



4.4/5 Pros

  • Impressive Voice
  • Very nice songwriting Cons

  • Just 24 minutes of music

I got quite a lot into the international – and especially the US – country music scene the last years, but there are still so many good artists I don’t know yet. While I was working on the floorball match report of the SB-Pro vs. Koovee match, I listened to the new releases of that week and ran into Cody Hiibard, who released his album Memory And A Dirt Road on 17th January 2020. I just liked the tunes and felt to share them with you.

Cody Hibbard – About The Artist

Unfortunately, I could not find too much bio about Cody Hibbard. He is originally from Adair, Oklahoma, where the piano was his first instrument and he listened to music of Merle Haggard and Led Zeppelin. He first enrolled to the Naval Academy and stepped back from music, but an injury stopped his military career. After that, he worked in pipelining, before he went back to music. Memory And A Dirt Road is his debut album, the only pre-released material, which is not a cover and not on the cover, I found is Cry No More:


Cody Hibbard – Memory And A Dirt Road – Track by Track

The album just contains seven tracks and runs 24 minutes.

1. Dying Breed

Dying Breed starts quite slow, feels like a ballad, but has a lot of power towards the end. Nice beginning of the album.

2. Old Times

Wow! Old Times is the first song which really impresses me while listening to that album – and it won’t be the last one, I promise. Cody Hibbard’s voice is just touching, catching, grabbing you and taking you into his story-land.

3. Memory and a Dirt Road

The third track on the album is the title track – definitely one of the best songs of the album. Very powerful arrangement.

4. Just for the Record

Just foe the Record is my favorite track of the album. It’s got a lot of power, very nice lyrics as well.

5. Nothing New

Nothing New is less guitar-prone, more swinging, reminds me of a Nashville bar song on the afternoon (not honky-tonk peak time, maybe). Enjoy to listen it!

6. Half Whiskey, Half Lonely

Starting slow, Half Wiskey, Half Lonely is a nice powerful country music ballad. One for the evening (maybe after the honky-tonk?). Cody Hibbard does this one great as well.

7. Someone Met Someone

Regarding arrangement and songwriting, Someone Met Someone is my favorite on this album. Very straight and unique way to set up the chorus, good one!



Cody Hibbard – Memory And A Dirt Road – Spotify

The Spotify widget allows you to have some tunes of Cody Hibbard’s album:

Cody Hibbard – Memory And A Dirt Road – My View

Cody Hibbard is definitely an artist worth having a focus on. The seven track album is a great statement of his talent. Powerful voice, powerful music – love to listen to him. Thus, I highly recommend to give him a listen – I definitely enjoyed it. Apart from that it is just a collection of seven songs, I did not see any reason not to call it a Top Pick! – so I did! on Social Media is active on the following social media platforms:

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