Ludwig Wright – Turn of Tides or Where the Waves Come From

Ludwig Wright - Turn of Tides or Where The Waves Come From



4.7/5 Pros

  • Lovely range of songs
  • Great variety
  • Good storytelling

Turn of Tides or Where the Waves Come From – that’s quite an album title, ain’t it? The artist behind this is Ludwig Wright, it is his sophomore album. His website states Putting Rock’n’Roll into Folk – and that’s also quite a nice initial description of his work. I ran into the album, which has been released on 4th August 2023, on a promotion platform, and felt like I should share it with you.


Ludwig Wright – About The Artist

Ludwig sounds German, Wright sounds English – and indeed, the artist is of German-British origin. He is releasing music since 2018, when Wright published his debut EP Hope. Two years later, he added the album Love to his discography. His 2023 album majorly tells stories related to the sea and maritime life.


Ludwig Wright – Turn of Tides or Where The Waves Come From – Track by Track

The thirteen songs album lasts 46 minutes.

1. Deep Waters

Deep Waters is the only song which has been released as a single before. The song has beautiful acoustic guitar line and gentle melodies. In later parts, the song becomes more powerful and energetic and also has a stronger pop music feeling. Very nice listen.

2. Turn of Tides

Turn of Tides is a folk pop song, which is coming with a lot of sing-a-long elements. This turns the song into a very light and easy listen. You have to smile and dance while listening to this track.

3. Heaven and Ocean Blue

Deep Waters, Turn of Tides and now Heaven and Ocean Blue – the titles already underline the strong ocean and sea life topic of this album. The third song is more narrative again and also takes its time for some melodic parts.

4. New Hope

With a very present rhythm, this song is rather going back to the smile-and-dance group of listens. However, the vibes are very different to the songs before, so that New Hope rather feels like an Oriental track. A nice, different flavor for Turn of Tides or Where The Waves Come From.

5. Travelling Man

Travelling Man is the first song of this album, which also has a certain rock attitude. I imagine that this story will fascinate people when Wright is on stage at one of his later 2023 shows. Very interesting theatric style, which creates a great atmosphere.

6. How You Have Grown

A gentle acoustic guitar theme, a gentle voice – How You Have Grown feels very sensitive and fragile. This perfectly suits to the message of the song, Look how you have grown. A beautiful song of a proud father.

7. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is likely the darkest and most scary sounding song of the Ludwig Wright’s 2023 long play. A very intense storytelling – even though the singer-songwriter does not need too many musical elements to create this atmosphere.

8. How Many Lands & How Many Seas

The eighth song is one of these beautiful, quiet recordings, which feel so intense as a studio version. Songs like How Many Lands & How Many Seas have the potential to be magical at a live performance.

9. Dream of You

Time for some good mood again. Dream of You again spreads some sunshine, some positive energy. A song which feels like spring and happiness, using folk and pop elements while telling its story.

10. Have You Ever Felt Awake Like This

It’s songs like Have You Ever Felt Awake Like This which turn the album into a beautiful listen. At first listen, you might feel it is not too special. But it stays in your mind. And you enjoy listening to the story. After the second and third listen, this one turned into my favorite.

11. Come True

Take my hand I will show you where we can dream – this folk song with some decent rock elements is a beautiful love message. Compared to many other songs in here, Ludwig Wright feels rather loud and intense. But the instruments raise their “voices” as well.

12. Even if the Sky Is Burning

After this rather “loud” song, the gentle ballad duet Even if the Sky is Burning feels like a massive contrast. The duet parts with both vocalists (I am not sure about the female singer) are lovely, the solo parts feel a bit weaker compared to that.

13. Start to Sing

The chucker-out is called Start to Sing – and it is indeed a song made to sing. If you look for a folk pop party track, have a listen to that. Ludwig Wright is definitely caring about his fans. You end listening to the album with a lot of fun.


Ludwig Wright – Turn of Tides or Where The Waves Come From – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Ludwig Wright – Turn of Tides or Where The Waves Come From – My View

Happy tracks, deep lyrics, atmospheric songs, pop ease – Ludwig Wright’s sophomore album got it all – and that turns Turn of Tides or Where The Waves Come From into a lovely listen. I am sure there are some songs you enjoy as well – at least if you like folk and folk-style music in general.

Favorite Listen: Have You Ever Felt Awake Like This


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