Sarah Connor – Not So Silent Night

Sarah Connor - Not So Silent Night



4.8/5 Pros

  • No Christmas covers
  • Great range of new Christmas songs
  • Very entertaining

There are so many Christmas music albums each and every year – I typically try to filter out interesting ones for Already the title of Sarah Connor’s holiday edition, Not So Silent Night made me feel it could be an interesting listen. Here are my thoughts about the songs, which will be released on 18th November 2022.


Sarah Connor – About The Artist

Sarah Connor was born on 13th June 1980 in Delmenhorst near Bremen in Germany. Her civil name at birth as Sarah Marianne Corina Lewe, she nowadays is named Sarah Terenzi-Fischer, after being married with former singer Marc Terenzi and later with her manager, Florian Fischer. She started singing at a gospel choir in Hamburg at the age of six and in parallel started to train her dancing skills. The two 2001 singles Let’s Get Back to Bed – Boy! and From Sarah With Love also paved the way to success for the corresponding debut album Green Eyes Soul. The album reached triple gold status in Germany and was a Top 5 one in Germeny, Switzerland and Austria. Neither of her regular studio albums missed the German Top 10. After a five year hiatus, Connor surprised many people by switching to German language songs, but this even boosted her career.

Her first German language album Muttersprache was an eleven times golden record release in Germany and a double platinum in Austria. Herz Kraft Werke (2019), her ninth studio album overall, topped the German and Austrian charts and was a German double platinum record. The song included the controversial single Vincent which deals with homosexuality. The song has even been banned by some radio stations. Not So Silent Night is in fact Sarah Connor’s second Christmas album. In 2005, she released Christmas in you heart alreeady. The album was Top 6 in all major German speaking markets.


Sarah Connor – Not So Silent Night – Track by Track

The thirteen song album lasts 41 minutes.

1. Jolly Time Of Year

The opener is full of swing, big band sounds and a lot of Christmas ktisch. Sarah Connor perfectly emotionalizes the listener for the Jolly Time of Year. Just 2:03 minutes, but just sufficient to look forward to the next songs.

2. Ring Out The Bells

The second song of the album has also been the feature single of the album. Ring Out The Bells is a nice pop track, which sounds like Christmas each and every second (and also comes with ringing bells and other characteristic samples). But it also sounds like Sarah Connor. Lovely storytelling, great voice. Love it!

3. Not So Silent Night

The name of the title track already suggested that Sarah Connor does not want to deliver just another Christmas album, which sounds like so many ones before. And: hardly any other song illustrates this aim as good as Not So Silent Night. When the guitars are strumming before the chorus, this could be an Avril Lavigne track in her best alternative rock years. Finally, the song is rather a pop song, but it has a lot of power and drive. Love it – a must listen under the Christmas Tree 2022 to me.

4. Blame It On The Mistletoe

Saarah Connor’s soulful voice finds a perfect home in this track. It is quiet, mysterious, rhythmic – and also quite a bit of sexy. Stay right here, a need a few more hours with you, yeah I do – this could be a hot night on Santa’s day.

5. 24th

One of the outstanding features of this album is that every song is so different. Te chorus of 24th feels like a powerful pop aria, while the verses go back to quiet moments, which rather remind of Blame It On The Mistletoe. Beautiful listen.

6. (1, 2, 3, 4) Shots Of Patron

Sarah Connor goes US pop – and adds some hip hop style to the Christmas Tree made in Northern Germany. This sounds cheeky, makes you dance and move to the music. And it illustrates the outstanding talent of the artist.

7. Christmas 2066

This album would just not be complete without Christmas 2066Here we are, another year, I’d like to make a toast are the first words of a hilarious vision of her holidays at the age of 86 years. But still, there is a lot of love around x-mas visionary as well. You just have to cross your fingers, that Sarah’s Christmas in 44 years will be exactly as this:

I wanna celebrate Christmas 2066
Rocking in the chair
With 22 grand kids
Friends sending postcards down from Mars
Santa dropping presents from a floating car
Times will change, they will go on
Who can say what the future holds?
But one certainly true:
Christmas is perfect as long as I spend it with you.

8. Santa, If You’re There

After this fictional view on the Christmas of the future, Sarah Connor presents a beautiful, gentle ballad directly focused on the old, bearded man. Both tracks work – and that’s the Christmas magic of these songs. The track is also about Sarah’s grandfather.

9. Quiet White

The track title is already suggesting that this is rather a song for some gentle strings than for rocking guitars. The press kit to the album is a personal letter from Sarah Connor, by the way. This song is about the first snowfall a year – and when she wrote it on the Greek island of Santorini, there was in fact the first snowfall since ten years. Nice fun fact and lovely song.

10. Come Home

Come Home could even be a candidate for my Country Christmas 2022 Playlists. The song is rhythmic and pop-alike, but the spirit of Nashville just has left a slight kiss as well.

11. I Think I’m In Love With You

The eleventh track is another emotional highlight with a lot of soul. Nice, rhythmic track. Since I laid my eyes on you I have trouble to find sleep at night. Nice recording.

12. Don’t You Know That It’s Christmas

The twelfth track is an easy, happy Christmas pop song. If you need the right vibe to dance in the snow with your kids on Christmas Day, take this one – it is absolutely safe choice.

13. The Christmas Song

The album closes with The Christmas Song, which is in amazing way underlining the great vocal qualities of Sarah Connor. Very gentle sound, the band is playing a jazz-style background sound. It just sounds perfectly right.


Sarah Connor – Not So Silent Night – Spotify

Here is Not So Silent Night on Spotify:


Sarah Connor – Not So Silent Night – My View

I expected a really good Christmas album here – and finally, Sarah Connor even delivered better. The album contains new songs, some with a really great style, good stories and new sounds. Sarah touches a lot of genres as well. If you go for this lady as the background music for your holidays, you did an excellent choice.



Sarah Connor – Not So Silent Night Tour 2023

At the end of 2023, you will also be able to see Sarah Connor and her Christmas program live on stage: However there are also four The Christmas Concert shows in Verti Music Hall, Berlin, in late November 2022.

Sa 02.12.2023 Erfurt, Messe Erfurt
Su 03.12.2023 Berlin, Mercedes-Benz Arena
Tu 05.12.2023 Bremen, ÖVB-Arena
We 06.12.2023 Hamburg, Barclays Arena
Fr 08.12.2023 Hanover, ZAG Arena
Sa 09.12.2023 Cologne, LANXESSarena
Su 10.12.2023 Oberhausen, Rudolf Weber-Arena
Tu 12.12.2023 Stuttgart, Porsche Arena
We 13.12.2023 Munich, Olympiahalle
Th 14.12.2023 Vienna (Austria), Stadthalle D
Sa 16.12.2023 Mannheim, SAP Arena


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