Welshly Arms – Wasted Words & Bad Decisions

Welshly Arms - Wasted Words & Bad Decisions



3.1/5 Pros

  • Some good songs Cons

  • No plot
  • Too many old and comparably average songs

Due to Good Friday on the 7th April 2023, quite some bands shift their releases in that week by one day and already publish their new songs and albums on Thursday, 6th April 2023. One of them are the Welshly Arms, who present their third studio album on that day. I already had a listen to Wasted Words & Bad Decisions. It is the bands first major release since their 2018 album No Place Is Home.


Welshly Arms – About The Artists

Welshly Arms are a US alternative rock and blues rock band. They are from Cleveland, Ohio, where the band has been founded in 2013. Their current members are Sam Getz (vocals, guitar), Jimmy weaver (bass), Mikey Gould (drums) and Bri and Jon Bryant as additional vocalists. For live performances, the band is also adding Nate Saggio as a keyboarder. The band has released two albums and three EPs so far. Their biggest hit was the 2017 song Legendary, which was a Top 30 song in the US Alternative and US Adult Charts. However, the song was also the official 2017 WWE theme song on TLC and was used for a campaign for the Cleveland Indians. Some other Welshly Arms songs have made it into commercials and soundtrack appearances as well.


Welshly Arms – Wasted Words & Bad Decisions – Track by Track

The fourteen track album lasts 46 minutes. Seven songs, however, have been previously released.

1. World Is Watching

Did I say blues rock? Or alternative? The opening song has nothing to do with any of th two genres, World Is Watching is rather a pop track with an R&B touch. Not too bad, though – the band will release this song as a single together with the album.

2. Are You Lonely

Are You Lonely is one of my most favorite blends of music on this fourteen track album. The song has a nice alternative rock sound and a good drive, but also the ease of a pop song. Very catching track, which you quickly feel to sing-a-long with.

3. Dangerous

Compared to its predecessor, I would say that Dangerous is “more extreme”. The quiet moments are a bit more quiet, the rocking moments are a bit more rocking. Overall I feel that the song loses a certain balance. There is a certain similarity between the two songs, but I would go for the first one definitely.

4. One More Hallelujah

The fourth song has a nice vibe and a good rhythm. Even though the song is not as present and obviously catching as other tracks on the album, I somehow like it. Definitely more than a filler.

5. Trouble

As a February 2020(!) release, this song is over three years old. The song still comes with that nice blues vibe and rock power. Especially the bridge comes with so much energy. Great song, even though the backing choir La-la-la feels a bit too cheap to me.

6. save me from the monster in my head

Apart from the 2019 single Learn To Let Go, which has been released first after the No Place Is Home Album, this song is the most successful of the band on Spotify in the post-Legendary time. 7.7 million streams since its release in August 2020 is not too bad, but feels a bit too low compared to the 191 million streams of Legendary or 52m of Sanctuary. The song does have a good touch and stays in your mind. But it just does not reach the band’s full potential.

7. I Surrender

The very present backing choir in the chorus and the screaming performance by Sam Getz on the microphone turn this song into one you do remember. The verses feel quite blues-ish, while the Ohio band is rocking harder in the thumping chorus.

8. Have It All

The backing vocals at the beginning of Have It All just feel a bit too familiar in here. Luckily, the song develops a stronger character during it 3:25 minute duration. I like the pre-chorus part, but overall the song is significantly below the average level of the album.

9. Burn Me Alive

The more you advance listening an album, the more you ask yourself whether an individual song is adding value to the set of tracks. After I struggled with Have It All, I just cannot say that my feelings about Burn Me Alive are significantly different. The song just does not present new ideas, new elements – which is a bit of a shame, as it is hard for me to identify in which direction the band wants to develop in the future.

10. Stand

Stand is one of  the “oldie” of the album. In fact, the band released this song as a single almost three years ago, at the end of March 2020. The song feels to have a bit of a Legendary vibe, but also feels like a hip hop track partially. Hmm…

11. I Will Overcome

The eleventh track I Will Overcome has a bit of a mantra and gospel touch, but I really like the summer-alike groove and the ease by the clapping rhythm. One of my favorites on this album, even though the January 2021 release did not work out that well commercially. One factor might be that the song has a very own and unique style, compared to other songs of the album.

12. Love Is Not A Weapon

Love Is Not A Weapon is likely the best song apart from already released tracks and the opener. The song shows how nicely Welshly Arms could combine their talents into a sound, which is giving a good time for rock and pop fans and even leaves a smile if you like blues-blended listens.

13. Proud

This song was the last single release before Wasted Words & Bad Decisions becomes available to the listeners. The confusing fact about that is that Welshly Arms shared it with the fans over half a year ago. Apart from a stripped version of Legendary it is the least successful (i.e. listened) song on Spotify of all tracks available on the platform. I wouldn’t agree to that feedback, but the song is also not a key catch to purchase or download the album.

14. Find My Way Home

The band is closing their 2023 album with a slow, ballad-alike keyboard driven track. I am not sure if they are right when they are stating I will find my way home.


Welshly Arms – Wasted Words & Bad Decisions – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Welshly Arms – Wasted Words & Bad Decisions – My View

Listening to the album makes me sad. It not a very bad listen, but to me it illustrates the struggle of finding a new direction, finding a Welshly Arms sound for 2023. The album contains too many too old songs and rather feels like a compilation that an album with a plot and a story. These guys gave us wonderful music in the past, I hope the find a way to make us smile again. In the most optimistic case, Wasted Words & Bad Decision can be a transition album for this. Some tracks show the potential for that.


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