Emma Moore – the table EP

Emma Moore - the table



4.4/5 Pros

  • Powerful songs like "Match Made in Hell" and emotional highlights
  • Six really good stories
  • Very entertaining listen

Emma Moore is indeed a really remarkable British artist. I really enjoy how she is blending country music with her powerful, rather dark voice. I for example say her on stage on the first day of The British Country Music Festival 2019 in Blackpool. On 7th May 2021, she released a new EP. Here are my thoughts about the table.

Emma Moore – About The Artist

Emma Moore is a 1991-born country music artist from Blackpool. She decided to go for music and performing in her teenage years and later studied Music and Performing Arts. She started to write songs at the age of 24. This is quite remarkable as her ten track debut album Pilot has released just a year after that. Since then, however, she majorly released individual tracks. the table is in fact her first EP release.


Emma Moore – the table – Track by Track

The EP contains six songs and lasts 20 minutes.

1. Husbands or Kids

What if your life is asking you for Husbands or Kids? Emma Moore does the emancipated choice and replies, I’ll take option three. The guitar sound feels a bit of old school style, but the power of the track and the presence of her voice just catches you. Great opener.

2. Late to the Table

Some sort of title track – already the first tunes of Late to the Table tell you that this song will be softer than the powerful opener. I tend to underestimate Emma Moore – and she proofs me wrong. I love her powerful songs – but she is also a great choice for rather gentle and softer recordings.

3. Waiting For You

Okay, okay, Emma. I am sorry… I will never dare to think that you might just be the British redhead lady for the powerful country times. Waiting For You is such a fragile and gentle beauty. A song which feels to be straight from the heart. One of these songs you just have to close your eyes for. Listen and enjoy.

4. Blinded

When I am rhythmically tapping on the work desk instead of think about what to write about a song, this is typically a good sign. The chorus of Blinded has just a nice drive. Beautiful country music style. I have to admit that the verses give me some time to work on on the review. Still, some other songs on this EP are that much better that Blinded feels to be a bit of behind them.

5. When

When is a song about cheating in a relation. The song starts with a rather minimal arrangement, but has some touch of anger towards the end.

6. Match Made in Hell

The EP closes with a country rocker, Match Made in Hell. You feel power, fire. I love Emma’s voice in that track. Is it allowed to bang your head during a country show? Hell, yeah, it is! Great song – would have loved the guitar solo to be even more confident.


Emma Moore – the table – Spotify

Here are the six songs of the table on Spotify


Emma Moore – the table – My View

Finally, Emma Moore spoiled it. Match Made in Hell is just that cool, I will somehow keep her in mind as the British country rock powerhouse again. If you are not as ignorant as me and think about the other five tracks as well, the table is a lovely showcase of her widespread musical talent. Screaming electric guitars and gentle acoustic scrumming – this lady finds the right way for any musical situation. At least four songs in here are really, really good, so there is no doubt about a good rating


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