Songs Of The Week (week of 24 March 2023)

I have to give in: the song leading this week’s Songs of the Week might also be a candidate for the Flyctory Obscura category. I am not sure how big that genre is in other countries, but Mein Name ist Hase is in fact “Family pop” or also “Children pop” – music, which is especially written for the purpose and needs of the youngest ones. In contrast to country music, where I had a huge list of songs, I had comparably few candidates for this set of songs. And the song about the bunny / Easter bunny made it. Because nobody made me smile more like… Anton 🙂


Anton – Mein Name ist Hase

Anton (full name: Anton Nachtwey) from Berlin is specialized in writing and recording family pop song. The German song deals with the story of the Easter Bunny… who is asking whether he is this year also allowed to help searching for all the hidden Easter eggs. Absolutely violence-free pop music.


T3wu Flair & Morzyn feat. Julia Bright – Baby talk to me

I am typically not the greatest fan of dance pop songs, but this one written by the collaboration of two German artists was simply fun. Maybe some nice stuff for a good mood next weekend.


Stacia – Sweet Donut

Stacia is an Ukrainian artist, who grew up in Germany and is nowadays living in Berlin. She released hew debut EP Bridges in 2022. Nice indie-pop sound.


MARF feat. Philip Strand – Monday

MARF is a Dutch DJ and producer, while Philip Strand is a French singer-songwriter. Together, they do some Monday summer vibes. The song made me smile.


Ed Sheeran – Eyes Closed

I typically have a certain focus on smaller artists on the raise. But it is just too difficult not to feature Ed Sheeran. The song by the friendly British artist is just too good.


Grouplove – Hello

No song confused me as much as Hello by the US American alternative rock band Grouplove this weekend. The reason is that they in fact released two songs, Hello and All! but put them into one music video. Have a listen to my Spotify playlist if you just want to go for one song – or enjoy the duplicate fun in the YouTube widget below.


Lost – Außer mit Dir

A touch of rap and urban pop is the mixture of genre provided by the Berlin band Lost. Nice, very modern sound.


Rogers – Gute alte Zeit

Just about a month ago, I featured the Dusseldorf band Rogers and their song Arbeiten in my Songs of the Week post as of 17th February 2023.  Now there is time for the Gute alte Zeit (“Good old times”). Very nicely written, straight punk rock.


2 Klang Affäre – Immer

This duo is already working together since 2015. This beautiful duet somehwere between rock, pop and schlager is an amazing listen to me. Great voices and very intense songwriting.


Judy Weiss – Ich nehm’ es einfach, wie es kommt

The next two songs are typical German schlager track – I simply loved their vibes. The first one is this one by Judy Weiss, who I already featured in my 16th January 2023 post. Nice job by the Berlin-based artist.


Julie Lorenzi – Ich halt dich nicht auf

Julie Lorenzi is an Austrian artist. She is also a radio host, an author and a musical actress. And performing schlager songs works out well for her as well, as this track is illustrating.


Horizon Blue x Solar State x SEM – Grass is Greener

An all-Dutch production in here. SEM is a quite interesting artist, as he has recently been in the The Voice Netherlands final.


Baba Blakes – April Rain in August Weather

Baba Blakes is the musical project by Dennis Zwickert. He has German and Northern Iriish roots and uses this name since mid-2021. The song is teasing an EP, which will soon be available.


Phil Hanro – All About You

Eurodance sound by Phil Hanro from Westphalia, Germany. He already had some success. His 2020 single You Are, for example, had a presence in the US Dance charts. Very catching sound.


Nikki Puppet – Men Against Machine

Let’s rock. The German band Nikki puppet is somewhere between hard rock and heavy with a touch of metal. The band from Hanover is active since 2005 and already released six albums so far. Men Against Machine sounds like having quite some potential.


Up Close – Metropole

Up Close are an alternative rock band from Austria. The song is teasing their new album Insomniac, which will be released in late May 2023. Sounds promising


Bully – Days Move Slow

My list of songs closes with one of the coolest releases this week, Days Move Slow by Bully. Bully is a band driven by Minnesota native Alicia Bognanno, located in Nashville. She is doing a blend of alternative rock and punk sounds. On 2nd June 2023, they will release their fifth studio album overall.



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