Matt Moeller – Where We Used To Be EP

Matt Moeller - Where We Used To Be



4.0/5 Pros

  • Five nice songs
  • Good vocal and instrumental work

The number of country music releases feel to slowly rise right after Christmas. Thus, I ran into a couple of EPs in the week after Christmas 2021. One of them is Where We Used To Be by Matt Moeller. The five songs he released on New Year’s Eve 2021 felt really promising. Here is my review.


Matt Moeller – About The Artist

Matt Moeller is a Texan country artist, who is originally from Cuero in the South of the US state. He started to play guitar and write songs during his teenage years and later joined the band The Night Sights. While he used to be on stage as Matt Moeller and The Night Sights, this EP is only labeled with his name.


Matt Moeller – Where We Used To Be – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 19 minutes.

1. Rosie Dunn Rd.

The first chord of this song makes you feel like a Western movie pistol duel soundtrack – but then Rosie Dunn Rd. increases the speed and adds some nice rhythm. Glad that nobody died before, the opener is a really nice traditional style country dancing song. Cool fiddle sound.

2. Playin’ Games

Playin’ Games is a nice song – but I feel, it has much higher potential than you in fact feel while listening to the EP. The song is significantly more modern in style than Rosie Dunn Rd. – but again, the fiddle is having a lovely, decent background role.

3. Hay

Hay is the longest song of the EP. Again, Matt Moeller is rather going for traditional style country music, but the track does not feel outdated. In fact, the chorus has even quite some potential to attract listeners. Good.

4. Where We Used To Be

Where We Used To Be is my favorite song of the EP. It has a lot of power on the bass side, feels very groovy and laid back. Nonetheless, the album has a nice focus on the lyrics.

5. You Dug The Hole

The final song does not really add too much new spirit to the album to me. The song feels more like a sum-up in styles of the songs before. The best part to me is a lovely work on the steel guitar. Nice track.


Matt Moeller – Where We Used To Be – Spotify

Here is Where We Used To Be on Spotify:


Matt Moeller – Where We Used To Be – My View

This EP is definitely a nice showcase of five songs. There is some potential to improve, but if you like traditional style country, which does not feel too old fashioned, this is a pretty nice choice to listen. Good vocal skills, nice instrument. Giving this guy a chance is a pretty risk-free choice.


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