Autumn’s Child – Zenith

Autumn's Child - Zenith



4.0/5 Pros

  • Good, catching melodies
  • Lovely 1980's rock touch Cons

  • Some very similar songs

Releasing fourteen studio albums with Last Autumns Dream since 2003 and being one of the members of Secret Service – you just cannot state that Mikael Erlandsson is a lazy man in the rock music business. Since 2018, Erlandsson is driving the band Autumn’s Child. Zenith is already their third album. I received the album via a promotion platform and just felt  to share it with you. Release date of the album is 14th February 2022.


Autumn’s Child – About The Artist

After the members of Last Autumns Dream decided to take a break in 2018, Erlandsson founded its new band project. Autumn’s Child’s original lineup includes keyboarder Jona Tee and drummer Robin Bäck. Pontus Akesson from Moon Safari is adding the guitar riffs. They released a self-titled debut in 2019 and added their sophomore one, Angel’s Gate, in 2020. Akesson and Bäck are still part of the band, which now also includes Claes Andreasson (piano) and Magnus Rosen (bass). Zenith includes several guest musicians, like Jona T., Sayit Dölen or Anna-Mia Bonde.


Autumn’s Child – Zenith – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 52 minutes.

1. Emergency

The first track of the album, Emergency, was one of two single releases of the. I struggle with the vocal performance here and there – but apart from that, the song feels like rock-pop with a quite nostalgic touch. Nice melody lines. Nonetheless, this song would very likely not have made it into the Top 20 charts in the good, old 1980’s.

2. Evangeline

Evangeline feels to me like a softened version of Van Halen’s Jump: there are a lot of opportunities to sing along to the song, but the riffs are not has hard as they could be. The leading instrument is rather the keyboard in major parts of the song.

3. Love Is a Fighter

I’m gonna eat some dynamite // so I can go and take a fight. Hmm, shall I comment on lyrics like that? The chorus is actually not bad. That’s why this album is really making me struggle: on the one hand, it is too plushy and kitschy. On the other hand… The melodies stay in your mind, undoubtedly. And the guitar solo feels like rock, even though the remaining song is a bit too pop-ish in my point of view.

4. Nightingale

The Nightingale comes with a medieval intro and more and more turns into a lovely power ballad. That’s where I definitely feel comfortable about the soft rock style of the Swedish band.

5. Never Say Die

Never Say Die is the other single release of the album – and while the electronic synth sounds feel a bit too much to me, the song just has this magic touch. Finally, it is one of my favorites on the album.

6. Heaven Can Wait

The song feels like a five minute rock aria to me. Great sound. And even it the style of the songs is neither revolutionary nor versatile, the Swedes simply create good melodies.

7. Angel of Danger

The guitars have a bit of more chance to show their harder riffs in Angel of Danger. Especially, the bridge is a nice listen for rock music lovers.

8. High on Love

Whenever I am writing a review and run out of words to describe the album track by track, that typically means that the songs are somehow similar (or extremely bad). I still enjoy the listening to Zenith while consuming the eighth track – but the album is simply too streamlined.

9. Crowdpleaser

Crowdpleaser is a bit taking me out of that monotony thought. The key reason is that the chorus feels a bit more dirty and the song overall has a touch of a hard rock one. Fun.

10. Don’t Wanna

This finale of the album feels to be really promising. Autumn’s Child significantly increase the speed in this song, Robin Bäck is having an intense time during these 4.24 minutes. Great listen and a lot of fun – I wanna rock! And I do in this song.

11. Damaged Goods

The closing song is a soft song with ballad qualities. Good one to farewell from the album.


Autumn’s Child – Zenith – Spotify

Here is Zenith on Spotify:


Autumn’s Child – Zenith – My View

Zenith is giving me a hard time. On the one hand, some one half of the album’s songs are simply too close to each other. On the other hand, these guys rock, they create good melodies – and the do songs as if they were written in my beloved 1980’s. I simply enjoy listening to it – and sometimes, that’s what a good album is just about.


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