Songs Of The Week (week of 04 March 2022)

I feel that this week, there is really a nice range of songs in my Songs Of My Life. There is hard metal as well as kitschy schlager tracks. I especially love the leading track again, hope you enjoy my song collection.


Gavin James – Jealous

The leading artist of this week is Gavin James, an Irish singer/songwriter. His songs have been stremed over 1.8 billion times, he toured with James Blunt. Jealous is underlining his great musical quality.


The Jeremy Days – For The Lovers

I already received the new album by the Hamburg band The Jeremy Days, but did not have a chance to have a listen. The second pre-released single For The Lovers, however, makes you hope for some great music. The band has been big in the 1980’s and had a surprising comeback some three years ago.


PUP – Matilda

PUP are in the final weeks before releasing their new album The Unraveling of PupTheBandMatilda gives a nice insight and definitely makes me look forward to the new songs.


Cold Years – 32

Cold Years recently announced to release their new album Goodbye To Misery on 22nd April 2022. So far, they create a lot of fun with their new punk rock anthem 32. Very energetic sound from Aberdeen.


Papa Roach – Cut The Line

Another Papa Roach one? Cut The Line is already the fifth release of the forthcoming studio album before scheduled release date. Don’t expect too many surprises and new tunes when it is finally released – the singles are at least promising.


Brockhoff – 2nd Floor

Lina Brockhoff, whose full name is Linda Brockhoff is a singer-songwriter from Hildesheim, South of Hanover. Nice sound with pop sprinkles and indie-rock foundation. I absolutely loved to run into this song.


Sandro Cavazza – The Days

Somehow, a very sad moment: Sandro Cavazza announced that his track will be his last single as a solo artist. Amazing voice, which had a couple of hits like Without You with Avicci. Thank you for the music.


DJ Happy Vibes feat. Jazzmin – Weightless

Not the deepest meaning behind this track in my playlist – but you sometimes just need to have fun and dance, especially in these dark times. I felt that Weightless is a nice selection for that.


Anni Perka – Deine Stimme

Fun fact: Anni Perka started her career as an Helene Fischer double. Nowadays, she is much more individual and emancipated for the big name of the genre and does own schlager songs. Nice, catchy song by the Hamburg artist.



Tammy – Des is Glück

Schlager in Bavarian German with a bit of rock (the riff feels a bit like Status Quo one, doesn’t it?). I really enjoy the sound, very present style.


Lea x Linda – Signal

Lea x Linda are doing music together since their very early teenage years. Thus, it is not too surprising that Signal feels very mature and catching. Very nice pop listen.


Orry Jackson – Wo bist du?

One of my absolute favorites this week. An amazing German pop-rock song with a very memorable character.  Amazing voice.


Clara Louise – Enough Is Enough

Clara Louise feels like an international artist, but in fact, she is from Southwest Germany. Nice pop sound, with some Americana touch. Really enjoyed listening to her new single.


Ryan Sheridan – Get Yourself Together

Another Irish artist in this list: some sort of country and folk, paired with rock sounds. The result is simply cool. Great listen.


5 Seconds of Summer – Complete Mess

What a big name of music business – 5 Seconds of Summer are back. They are currently finishing their fifth studio album. So far, we can enjoy their sound in Complete Mess. Love it!


Ghost – Twenties

Brass and hard riffs – while most of the songs this week are rather soft, Ghost are pleasing the metal lovers’ ears. Great, unique sound from Sweden.


Simon Love – Me And You

Simon Love is also about to release a new album in April. This single, Me And You comes with a very nice, individual signature. Love to listen to it. Hope you do, too.


Title Picture: Gavin Jones – Jealous single cover


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