As Everything Unfolds – Ultraviolet

As Everything Unfolds - Ultraviolet



4.8/5 Pros

  • Great range of sounds
  • Gentle and rather aggressive elements
  • Very balanced and entertaining

As Everything Unfolds, the second stage: in March 2023, I introduced you to the debut album Within Each Lies the Other. I had a positive review about it, but overall, the album was a bigger success than I anticipated. On 21st April 2023, they are back in the virtual record stores with their sophomore long-play, Ultraviolet. I had a listen.


As Everything Unfolds – About The Artists

As Everything is a post-hardcore band from Southern England. I already gave you some bio in the Within Each Lies the Other review. In the meantime, Owen Hill has left the band, so that the band is only having five members in contrast to 2021.


As Everything Unfolds – Ultraviolet – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Ultraviolet

There is no slow start in the 2023 world of As Everything Unfolds.  The explosive riffs right at the beginning of the title track rather feel like a wake-up call and remind of a death metal album. However, Charlie Rolfes is getting her showcase soon. One the vocalist is on the microphone, the band is showcasing their wide range from aggressive to very melodic parts. The first four minutes simply leave a good feeling at the listener.

2. Felt Like Home

During the opening songs of the album, it can’t be too bad to have a track which is a good sing-a-long for the songs. They know the song already? Even better! Felt Like Home has been a single release already and exactly takes that role. A feel-good tune in the rough musical world of post-hardcore.

3. Slow Down

The album starts with a series of three single releases. Slow Down starts rather melodic and has a certain focus on the synth sounds at the beginning, but also introduces some typical aggressive parts later. You find almost rap-alike sections as well as growling. Right when the band has reached the climax of aggression, the song breaks down into a gentle key line and has a fade out.

4. Saint Or Rogue

The lovely main theme of Saint Or Rogue turns the fourth song into one of my favorite listens. The song goes straight in your rock and metal heart – and has the right elements to stay there. Nice leverage of synth and guitar elements as well.

5. Blossom

In some parts of Blossom, Charlie Rolfe almost feels fairy like. Rather high pitch by the English singer on this song. Right when you feel that this song could be a rather gentle ones, the band is breaking your expectations and push in some post-hardcore elements. Still, a rather fragile and melodic listen.

6. Infrared

There are some vocals on Infrared, but overall, these two minutes rather feel like an instrumental interlude. Nice representation of the opposite side of the optical spectrum of colors. Even though the bell (which reminds me of an oncoming historic train) feels a bit of distracting.

7. Flip Side

The fifth single release on this album gives you some ten seconds to keep the instrumental intermezzo in your heart. However, As Everything Unfolds kicks you into their post-hardcore world right thereafter. No limits for the guitars in here.

8. Twilight

Twilight feels like an averagely forceful, leveled recording at the beginning. However, the interlude here is leading to an explosion of sounds. The sound of Ultraviolet is not always predictable – but the band is also never pushing too hard for the limits of their genre. There are no too bad surprises.

9. Rose Bouquets

Call me too soft for being a real rocker, but this slightly slower, less aggressive one definitely found a good way right inside my heart. Fans might miss the typical elements they love in other songs. But I like As Everything Unfolds also when they take a one song break from them.

10. Daylight

Okay, it is rather a two-track break, as Daylight is also not rock-blasting you away. Almost ballad-alike feelings in this post-hardcore firework. On the vocal side, by the way, Rolfe leaves no doubt that she can handle this kind of songs as well.

11. All I’ve Ever Known

After this gentle relaxing, the closing track introduces some more post-hardcore elements again. The band just had a two-song break, they did not finally move to another genre. One of the best songs of the album to me.


As Everything Unfolds – Ultraviolet – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


As Everything Unfolds – Ultraviolet – My View

Ultraviolet is a great listen. I was a bit skeptical at first sight, but the more I listened to it, the more I enjoyed loving it. The band are able to provide surprising, but suiting breaks, intense rock elements as well as gentle moments. And even though post-hardcore is definitely not my favorite genre, there is not a single moment, which feels unbearable to too aggressive to me. The Top Pick! banner already told you, you should give these guys a listen.


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