Lucero – Should’ve Learned by Now

Lucero - Should've Learned by Now



4.1/5 Pros

  • Nice blend of country, rock and punl
  • Wide range of songs Cons

  • Weaker than the predecessor

Another Lucero review: some one year ago, I fell in love with When You Found Me by the Memphis-origin band, which is blending country music elements with punk and rock. On 24th February 2023, they are back with a new album: here are my thoughts about Should’ve Learned by Now.


Lucero – About The Artists

My When You Found Me review already includes some bio information about the quintet, so I refer to this posting. Should’ve Learned by Now is already the band’s twelfth studio album, 23 years after their debut The Attic Tapes


Lucero – Should’ve Learned by Now – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 38 minutes.

1. One Last F.U.

The first song is already guaranteeing the Explicit Lyrics sticker on the album cover. Guitar riffs and cowbell pings introduce the opener. Thereafter, Lucero just keeps on rocking with their new, unique music texture. Cool opener, in which Ben Nichols and his characteristic voice is just creating a great presence.

2. Macon If We Make It

Macon If We Make It slightly reduces the speed and the rock intensity, compared to the opener. This leads to a stronger country-rock touch. The guitars are howling at the end of the chorus – and I am smiling during the listen.

3. She Leads Me

After Should’ve Learned By Now opened with two single releases, this 4:40 minute track is the first really “new” track to Lucero fans. The rather slow song feels comparably close to mainstream country music. The keyboard limes give a very special touch to the songs. Nice.

4. At The Show

At The Show is a track for rock’n’roll fans with a country music heart. The song is like a blend of the best parts of these music worlds. Ben Nichols again is creating the very special touch of this listen.

5. Nothing’s Alright

The fifth track is rather moving towards punk-alike tunes. The song has a certain roughness, but I like this straight, rather fast guitar smasher. I am sure that this one is a cool listen on a Lucero live show.

6. Raining For Weeks

This song is indeed a special one the album. While Ben Nichols is stating that It’s been raining here for weeks, you feel the angriness and desperation in the song. The melody is very monotonous and dark, the guitars just do what is needed. However, there is a certain contrast on the piano sound, which is playing a rather happy ditty.

7. Buy A Little Time

The seventh track is another one for the country rock fans. However, the song cannot hide a punk-rock soul in the chorus as well. Nice showcase for the guitar players – and simply a good listen.

8. Should’ve Learned By Now

Hardly any song illustrates the wide range of the Lucero sound as good as the title track. It feels dirty and hard, like hard rock. It also has rather gentle moments. And there is the Americana heart as well as the bold soul of a punk rock song. Do I like it? Damn yes, I do!

9. Drunken Moon

The second last song is taking the mandatory role of the ballad of the album. Beautiful, slow listen, which illustrate that these Tennessee guys are also good in emotional moments.

10. Time To Go Home

That’s definitely a good title for the chucker-out of the album, ain’t it? Time To Go Out comes with steel guitar sounds and a lot of country music soul. Nice one.


Lucero – Should’ve Learned by Now – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Lucero – Should’ve Learned by Now – My View

Like the predecessor release, I really enjoyed listening to Lucero’s 2023 album. Nonetheless, I feel that Should’ve Learned by Now is weaker than When I Found You. Thus, there is no Top Pick! rating this time. But I still feel it is an album absolutely worth listening. about Memphis

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