Alex Hall – Six Strings EP

Alex Hall - Six Strings



4.3/5 Pros

  • Six good songs
  • Great collaboration - but the EP still has Alex Hall's character

Tenille Townes, John Osborne, Vince Gill and Brad Paisley on one record? Oh, and I forgot Kassi Ashton and Brad Tursi from Old Dominion. They are there as well. This review is not about the latest edition of That’s What I Call Country, but about the debut EP of Alex Hall. He gathered some country music idol for six songs. For sure, the lineup made me very curious. Hall released the EP on 5th February 2021.


Alex Hall – About The Artist

Alex Hall was born and grew up in Gainesville, Georgia, Northeast of Atlanta. I visted the town when I looked for the Atlanta 1996 Olympic sites in 2018. He wanted to learn to play the guitar before he learned how to read, which was a mess for the teacher. As a teenager, Hall performed at bars and restaurants in his home town. As a recording artist, he debuted in 2019 with the single Half Past You. The song was an immense success with more than 3 million streams on Spotify only. The first single in 2020, Whiskey On The Table, has almost been streamed 900,000 times as well. Six Strings is the first longer recording by Alex Hall.

Alex Hall – Six Strings – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 19 minutes

1. Other End of the Phone (feat. Brad Tursi)

It’s not too bad to open your debut album alongside Brad Tursi, ain’t it? Other End of the Phone is a modern and rhythmic country song with a nice groove. Definitely not only a promising partner for this track, but also a very promising song.

2. Heart Shut (feat. Tenille Townes)

‘Cause it’s hard to keep my heart shut – the collaboration with Tenille Townes in the second track is rather a mid-tempo track. I love the way the two artists collaborate, the duet sounds very harmonic. Close your eyes and enjoy – it’s a beauty!

3. Jealous Love (feat. John Osborne)

Dancing in the neon light
Got every head turned, hypnotized
Could kiss me, spin around
And make ’em jealous love
Run your fingers through my hair
Whisper to me in my ear
“You’re the only one
I love your jealous love”
You’re the only one
I love your jealous love

Alex Hall and John Osborne together indeed create a cool sound – I would however loved if they dared to be even more powerful. The song could even be a better country rocker than it already is.

4. Never Seen The World (feat. Vince Gill)

If you look on the YouTube teasing picture below, you might expect that this song is full of power, guitar riffs. Guys, if you wear your long hair under the cowboy hat – I am sorry: this one is a slow one. No chance to stomp your boots and bang your head. It’s “just” a bloody love song:

Why don’t we just stay a while and waste a little time?
Listen to the radio and hold each other tight
Talk about whatever, everything under the moon
I’ve never seen the world, I’ve never seen the world
The way I see it with you


5. Last One To Leave (feat. Brad Paisley)

Last One To Leave has some nice guitar elements, but overall, it is also rather a slow and emotional track. My favorite song is the John Osborne rock track – but Alex Hall and Brad Paisley are doing a real beauty as well.

6. Runs In The Family (feat. Kassi Ashton)

The last collaboration (and thus: last song) on Six String is with the lovely Kassi Ashton. The EP stays on the slow side – Runs In The Family has the most atmosphere of all songs, indeed. I love the song, but I would have loved to have a bit more presence for Kassi, whose voice is just very background-ish, unfortunately.


Alex Hall – Six Strings – Spotify

Here are the Six Strings on Spotify:


Alex Hall – Six Strings – My View

Wow, that’s a nice one. Must feel like a dream to an emerging artist to have all these big names as guests on your debut. On the other hand, all these artists come with a risk: you need to present yourself, Six Strings should not be an album, where yourself are more or less a side actor in a blockbuster full of Hollywood stars. Alex Hall did it well and created an Alex Hall EP. Not an all-star collection. And, no doubt, he did it really well. Thumbs up – that’s indeed a great listen. Top Pick!


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