Sam Smith – Love Goes

Sam Smith - Love Goes



3.3/5 Pros

  • Very emotional album
  • Starts with two really good tracks Cons

  • Too much sadness and breakup mood

There have been a lot of album postponements due to Covid-19 – a lot of them were just pushed as companies and artists felt that they can do better promotion at a later stage. Sam Smith, however, has been hit even more heavy, as he had to rework his whole album. To Die For was the original title of the album, which he expected to be released in late May 2020. Not a too suitable album name in these days. Finally, on 30th October 2020, fans enjoyed his new long-play – named Love Goes alternatively.


Sam Smith – About The Artist

Samuel Frederick Smith was born on 19th May 1992 in London, United Kingdom. He is doing a mixture of pop and soul music. His musical background is jazz, he also had some musical appearances in young years. His first singles as the lead artists are dated as of 2008 and 2009, but Bad Day All Week and When It’s Alright did not have too much of success. A single which has been published out of his debut EP Nirvana (2013) called Lay Me Down was however quite successful already, being up to the 46th spot in the UK. In the following year, the single Money on My Mind, which lead the UK charts, paved to the road for the incredible success of his debut album In The Lonely Hour, which went up to the Top 3 in many markets like the UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden or the USA.

Other successful singles published out this 2014 album were Stay With Me and I’m Not the Only One or Like I Can, which all had quite good chart placements in multiple markets.

Three years later, Smith released his second album, The Thrill of It All, which even had a bigger success in the charts (and thus even made it to the Top 10 in Germany). The only successful single, though, was Too Good at GoodbyesSince 2018, Smith produced new singles. Especially Promises featuring Calvin Harris performed very well.


Sam Smith – Love Goes – Track by Track

The 16 track album lasts 56 minutes.

1. Young

Get a little wild
Get a little high
Kiss a hundred boys and
Not feel like I’m tied to them
If you wanna judge me then
Go and load the gun
I’ve done nothing wrong
I’m young

Wow, that’s a remarkable way to start the album. Just lyrics, no instrumentation, deep lyrics. Mindblowing.

2. Diamonds

My diamonds leave with you
You’re never gonna hear my heart break
Never gonna move in dark ways
Baby, you’re so cruel
My diamonds leave with you
Material love won’t fool me
When you’re not here I can breathe
Think I always knew

Now, we are more into the music you would expect. Good pop with good / deep lyrics. The first track was very special, but Diamonds is definitely also a great track. Nice radio pop as well.

3. Another One

A slightly slower song, which deals with that your ex-love has found a new lover and you still feel sorry. Not too bad, I just feel that the first two songs were just too overwhelming.

4. My Oasis (feat. Burna Boy)

For the fourth track of the album, Smith collaborates with the Nigerian dancehall / reggae musician Burna Boy. His voice hads some new vibe and really some reggae touch to the song, which is overall a nice, quiet pop track.

5. So Serious

There is a lot of pain and sadness in this album, So Serious connects to it. The song is not too bad, I also like the way the chorus is arranged. Still not a track which you could compare to Sam Smiths great ones in quality.

I get so serious sometimes, my emotions sitting on a wire
And I gotta be out my mind, ’cause the second that I’m happy and I’m fine
Suddenly there’s violins and movie scenes and
Crying rivers in the streets and
God, I don’t know why, I get so serious sometimes

6. Dance (‘Til You Love Someone Else)

After the first two tracks, Dance (‘Til You Love Somehow Else) is the first track I really enjoy. Good rhythm – the chorus might be a bit too overdone… But it is a good and catchy one. Nice.

7. For The Lover That I Lost

There might be a certain potential that you still have missed that breaking up and sad love is some sort of key topic of this album. Just to be very sure you got it, it is time to remind you with that ballad.

Think about your lips and the way they kiss
There’s so much I really miss about you
Sitting on the beach, you were still in reach
And I haven’t felt free without you

All of the memories feel like magic
All of the fighting seems so sweet
All that we were, my love, was tragic
And you’re the last thing that I need

Good that it is just a music album. If one of your friends would be that deeply impacted by a break-up, it might be right to be really, really worried. Maybe I am a bit worried about Sam Smith as well. Even though the piano ballad is a beauty.

8. Breaking Hearts

While you were busy breaking hearts
I was busy breaking
I was giving all my love
You were busy taking
Summer haze of summer wine reminded me of better times
But I let you in my heart
So now it’s busy breaking
Now it’s busy breaking

It is maybe really a bit of too much. Sam Smith seemed to have survived this time, but the unsuccessful relationship really must have been a bummer. Very whiny, intimate-atmosphere track.

9. Forgive Myself

The album stays slow and melancholic. I just prefer this ballad much over the two tracks before.

Now my heart is broken and I’m crying on the floor
And every part of me hopes you walk through the door
But you’re not here, baby, and I can’t love anyone else
Till I forgive myself

Poor guy, good song.

10. Love Goes (feat. Labrinth)

The songs on this part of the album stay quiet, intimate – even dance singer and rapper Labrinth is joining Sam Smith. Towards the end of the song, the track is turning its mood completely. I did not like the song too much until that time – it confused me thereafter.

11. Kids Again

After this depressive section, I almost feel happy that I am about to survive the negative mood of this album. Last track. The song is a bit more powerful and optimistic, even though I feel that the other boy did right to separate from Smith:

Do you even think about it?
The way that we changed the world
And don’t it make you sad
That we’ll never be kids again?
No, we’ll never be kids again
Tell me how you live without it
Did somebody change your world
And now you don’t look back
Cause we’ll never be kids again
No, we’ll never be kids again
No, we’ll never, never, ever, ever, ever

If yellow press is right, Sam Smith found another guy as well. So everything is back to happy – apart from the Love Goes album maybe…


Sam Smith – Love Goes – Spotify

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Sam Smith – Love Goes – My View

I expected Love Goes to be a good, maybe even a great album. The first two songs feel so promising as well. The general mood of Love Goes, though, feels a bit too much to me. It also influences the album in a way that I feel it is really worsening the recording. This one is better than average, but also far away from the top recordings.


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