Joey Hendricks – Between The Clouds EP

Joey Hendricks - Between The Clouds



4.2/5 Pros

  • Five very good songs
  • Great lyrics and good voice Cons

  • A slight lack of variety of the songs

Joey Hendricks came from the West Coast to Nashville to become a songwriter – but already his first song as a performer has been an absolute success. With the EP Between The Clouds, he is doing his first major release. The five songs have been published on 12th March 2021.


Joey Hendricks – About The Artist

Joey Hendricks is a country artist in his mid-20’s, who is originally from Anacortes, Washington State. The place is well known as Victoria Island ferries depart from there. Since 2017, he is living in Nashville. He was originally concentrating on a songwriter career, but since 2020, he is actively releasing music. That year already came with two successful songs. His debut single Yours or Mine already made over 700k streams on Spotify, while his seasonal one, Happy Xmas (War Is Over) also made it to a six-digit number. Between the Clouds is Hendrick’s debut EP.


Joey Hendricks – Between The Clouds – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. Yours or Mine

Joey Hendricks somehow goes for the easy option – and starts the EP with his most successful track so far. Why not? It is indeed a catchy new country song with a good chorus, nice elements. On top of all that, there is Hendricks’ voice, which I really enjoy to listen to.

Who, whose arms gonna wrap around who
Whose place are we headed back to
Somebody’s lips gotta be the first to cross that line
Who says only fools rush in
Whose bed are we waking up in
Whose heart will take it harder when we say goodbye
Yours or mine

2. Hollywood

Based on what I said about the opener, Hendricks seems to keep his strategy: second song, second single (the three new ones will follow thereafter)

All the drugs in Hollywood won’t get me high as you do
New York City lights got nothing on your eyes
All the Arizona stars dancing around a silver moon
They might make me feel alive
But they don’t hold a candle to
What I feel for you

This song is slower, has a lovely atmosphere. The chorus is again great to stay in mind. Overall, Hollywood feels surprisingly mature, regarding it is the second (non-Christmas) single of Joey. Cool.


3. Top Drawer

There’s a Playboy bunny on a Zippo lighter
Few bottle caps from a few all-nighters
Notes we passed in the back of the class
And a half-smoked pack of cigarettes
Couple Aerosmith tickets, ex-girlfriend pictures
And my out-of-state fake ID
And therе’s a brown paper bag
Where I usеd to keep my cash, my grass, my flask
That top drawer’s a time machine

That chorus is quite a nice example for great story-telling, ain’t it? All the stories and adventures you find in the hidden drawers of your household – at least Joey feels to have a happy life – and he is making a good song out of it!

4. Going Home

Home is one of the key topic of country songs – but here, Hendricks really makes a nice song out of it – with no soppy stereotypes. Another really nice listen.

5. Drifter

Drifter is the longest song on the EP – and it comes with a cool groove, which makes you move from the very beginning of the song.

Part of me’s an anchor
Part of me’s an airplane
I’m either the mountain or the rolling stone
Part of me’s a gold band
Part of me’s a nomad
Torn between a driveway or the open road
Yeah, half of me’ll wanna lay roots down with ya
Oh, but half of me’ll always be a long gone drifter, drifter, drifter

I feel that is a great way to finish your career’s first five-song showcase. The song is a beauty. The song is also coming with a really nice guitar solo. Love that!


Joey Hendricks – Between The Clouds – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to the EP:

Joey Hendricks – Between The Clouds – My View

When I started listening into Between The Clouds, Joey Hendricks caught be from the very beginning. And even after listening to the songs a couple of times, they still don’t get tiring. I would likely have some more variety in the songs (like Drifter, which comes with its very own touch). The melodies are good, the stories are relatable and great to follow and Hendricks just has a great voice. Definitely a good one.


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