Bo Milli – Making Friends

Bo Milli - Making Friends



3.8/5 Pros

  • Nice, characteristic indie sound
  • Good storytelling Cons

  • Some songs are rather similar

Especially for emerging artists, I still feel it is good to break the typical Friday release cycle so far and don’t release their major recordings on other days of the work. Norwegian Bo Milli and her team decided to share her debut EP Making Friends on  Thursday, the 19th October 2023. Here is my review.


Bo Milli – About The Artist

Bo Milli is an indie-pop/rock artist. The young lady is originally from the West Coast of the Scandinavian country, but nowadays lives in Oslo. In 2020, she was part of a single for the first time, when she supported Lokoy in a mistake. In 2022, she finally also released solo songs with tracks like How Is It and At The Wheel.


Bo Milli – Making Friends – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts fifteen minutes.

1. Come After Me

Thanks to the promoter, I need some mental powers to kick off the review. The platform I am using names the first track Making Friends and the second one Come After Me – the order of songs is definitely vice versa, though. Thus, you have to wait for the title track for some 3:55 minutes and start with this single release. Come After Me is a fragile, thoughtful song, in which the rocking parts slightly beats the pop character in the chorus.

Don’t want you to say anything
Just come after me
I’m on my own
Looking down the street
Hope to see you following

2. Making Friends

The second song is the title track, which is more bassy and rhythmic than the opener. Bo Milli’s high voice works very fine against the rather heavy instrumental setup. The song is not also more rocking than the predecessor, but also having a stronger indie touch.

3. Be Your Girl

The mental challenge goes on: again, I have a different order of songs on the promotion platform than I believe is the right one. Be Your Girl is a very personal song about love. First things first, just say the words and I’ll be your girl – how could you stand this proposal. Later parts of the song also come with a stronger presence of the guitars.

4. Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum is my favorite listen. The 3:18 minute track comes with a nice contrast of rather fragile stanzas and quite energetic and rocking main themes. Thereby, the song is very fluent and does not have too hard breaks. On top of that, the song still has a nice touch of young, reckless indie sound. Let’s hope that the Norwegian can conserve that.

5. I’m In

I’m In has been the last release before the EP finally has been published. The song starts slow, but then again is driven by the guitar and bass chords. The vibe of the song is great, even though other tracks in here catch me stronger.

Bo Milli – Making Friends – Spotify

Here is the Making Friends EP on Spotify:


Bo Milli – Making Friends – My View

I really love the sound of Bo Milli. Making Friends is a nice first step to introduce the young artist to a wider audience. Additionally, it is a good basis for making new fans and friends on her upcoming tour. Here and there, some more variety in sound might be favorable in the future. So far, she defined a core Bo Milli vibe with her debut – and made me smile with it.

Favorite Song: Be Your Girl



Bo Milli – November 2023 Tour

In the first half of November 2023, Bo Milli will be presenting her music in German-speaking countries. Here is the list of gigs:.

Th 02.11.2023 Kiel (Germany) – Hansa 48
Fr 03.11.2023 Oberhausen – Druckluft
Sa 04.11.2023 Kusel – Kulturzentrum Kinett
Mo 06.11.2023 Kassel – Theaterstübchen
Tu 07.11.2023 Münster – Pension Schmidt
We 08.11.2023 Dortmund – Subrosa
Th 09.11.2023 Cologne – Subway
Fr 10.11.2023 Karlsruhe – Z10
Sa 11.11.2023 Saarbrücken – Terminus
So 12.11.2023 Bad Kötzting – Bahnhiof
Mo 13.11.2023 Vienna (Austria) – B72
We 15.11.2023 Luzern (Switzerland) – Schüür
Fr 17.11.2023 Frankfurt (Germany) – Lotte Lindenberg
Sa 18.11.2023 Chemnitz – Weltecho
Su 19.11.2023 Zwickau – Liederbuch and Norway

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