Definition of Insanity – Into The Abyss

Definition of Insanity - Into The Abyss



1.8/5 Pros

  • Really nicely written songs
  • Good instrumental work and vocalists
  • Nice range of genres Cons

  • Completely screwed up femals voice recording

A typical life of a music blogger: the information about Definition of Insanity has been sparse when I ran into their debut album Into The Abyss. I liked the sound – so here is a review. Enjoy the music – the album has been released on 5th March 2021.


Definition of Insanity – About The Artists

Definition of Insanity are a German metal band from Bremerhaven. I unfortunately don’t have too many bio information about the band, which has six members. Maik is the drummer and the lead guitarist has the nickname Stumpfi. They founded Definition of Insanity in 2018. They are accompanied by Frerk, Dario, Anna and Lucien. Into The Abyss is the debut album of the band. There is not even a YouTube video I found to tease the sextet.


Definition of Insanity – Into The Abyss – Track by Track

The 13 track album lasts 46 minutes.

1. Intro

The electric guitar is guiding you into the world of Into the Abyss. Not a really spectacular, but a pretty solid instrumental intro.

2. Dark Eyes

The first full song of the album is already one of the two longest tracks of Into The Abyss. The collaboration between the vocalists Dario and Anna works well from the very beginning. Unfortunately Anna, whose role is phrased with “Clean Vocals” on the website, does not sound clear at all. Did they do a mistake during recording or mixing. Hard to believe that she does not meet the notes that often – unfortunately, the biggest issue with the album. Dark Eyes sounds like a really good track if the female vocals would only be better.

3. Answer

At Answer, where Anna’s voice is put a big more to the background, Definition of Insanity really show a cool mix of metal genres. There are some clear singing passages with melodic instrumental part. Soon thereafter, the guitars are hammering riffs and Dario  growls into the microphone. The transition from Death Metal to melodic hard rock can be done in a bunch of seconds – at least according to this band.

4. Beauty Inside

Beatuy Inside is a nice duet between the two vocalists, which moves between 1970’s style hard rock sections and hard metal riffs. Unfortunately, the song is again exposed to the recording issues explained before.

5. Abyss

Is Abyss something like the title track of the album? Anna is the key vocalist in this most epic song of the album. I feel it is really nice songwriting, but the obtrusiveness in which the female vocalist is squeaking through my speakers is nearly unbearable. So sad, she does not feel a that bad singer.

6. Hear The Call

The complete opposite to my critics on the vocal mixing is the very beginning of Hear The Call. Yes, there are still some notes, which feel to be overmodulated. But overall, the way her voice is put over the keyboard sounds of the ballad has a beautiful presence. Thus, it is to me the best song on the album, on which her voice is leading the song.

7. Breaking The Chains

Such a shame: Breaking The Chains is a well-written rock song without any metal attitude. But the band simply chose the wrong studio and / or wrong producer for this one.

8. Call The Breaker

Nice way to call an intermission track: Call The Breaker in fact calls the Breaker – because this is the title of the following song. Some guitars, some drums, nothing special – there is a melodic break between this instrumental one and the ninth song, though.

9. Breaker

After some rather soft sounds, the Breaker is definitely a die-hard metalhead song. The song has some symphonic and some death metal elements and is thus again a nice fusion of sounds. Nice instrumental performance.

10. Punisher

At Punisher, the two vocalists are having a nice battle of voices. Together with the powerful riffs, this leads to quite a cool sound.

11. Angel of Insanity

Angel of Insanity is full of dark metal sounds – Dario can unfold his powers at the microphone. Overall, it is not really on my list of favorites. The machine gun-alike drums in the middle part of song cannot change that.

12. Castle Of Fear

Unfortunately, Castle Of Fear, the second piano / keyboard ballad of the album, struggles much more with sound problems than Hear The Call. Still much more bearable than in other tracks, but strong enough to spoil a pleasant songs.

13. My Last Path

The closing song My Last Path is very hymic and powerful at the beginning and then moch more turns into a ballad tune in the middle of the song.


Definition of Insanity – Into The Abyss – Spotify

Here is Into The Abyss on Spotify:


Definition of Insanity – Into The Abyss – My View

This album is such a shame. Definition of Insanity do deliver a really nice album. There is a nice variety of tunes, they do write good songs. Unfortunately, there is that sound problem, which at least turns half of the songs from the “definitely above average” category to a sound, which feels unprofessional. There is such a good sound overall in the album, but they completely screwed up the sound of their female singer. I would love to see these guys live – I am sure they do great on stage. If they go for another recording studio next time, there will be a better rating for sure.


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