Songs Of The Week (week of 05 May 2023)

I am quite surprised about a rather short list of new songs today. Might be because of Labour Day on 1st May 2023. in several European states. However, I cannot really state that I dislike it – the Iceland Ring Road trip kept me busy this week – and I made use of practically all my backlog of postings I wrote beforehand. Hope you like these tracks, lead by an interesting artist from Austria.


Matthias Patterer – Goldene Zeiten

Matthias Patterer is an upcoming artist from Tyrolia in AustriaGoldene Zeiten (“Golden Times”) is a really nice German language pop song with a catching chorus.


Simon – Alles ändert sich

Simon felt to be an artist on the rise in the early 2010’s. He even had some TV appearances in quite big shows. Alles ändert sich (“Everything changes”) is the first single release since 2021 by the Saarland artist. A nice leverage between schlager and pop.


Sieber – Kost’ ja alles Geld

I really loved this German pop song with a touch of funk. The Austrian artist (Patrick) Sieber is doing an ironic view on typical German habits. “It all costs money” is a typical argument to kill any good discussion. This song is a great listen.


Bruno Major – We Were Never Really Friends

Bruno Major is a British singer-songwriter, who is also quite successful in writing for other artists. He recently announced a thirty stage world tour. The beautiful ballad style of We Were Never Really Friends feels to promise some lovely experience.


Laura Brizuela – As The Moon (Weightless)

Laura Brizuela is a pop artist with German and Paraguayan roots. Nice modern pop sound with a very personal touch. Her debut EP is dated as of 2021 – let’s hope for some more songs soon.


Tom Grennan – How Does It Feel

Tom Grennan is a British artist from Bedford. He is about to release his third album What Ifs & Maybes in about a month. Nice modern pop sound with a touch of indie.


ClockClock – Over

So far, ClockClock has especially been successful in radio airplay with songs like Sorry or Someone Else. They are an electro-pop from Mannheim, Germany. The vocal lead is taken by the characteristic sound of Bojan Boki Kalajdzic. Good listen.


Little Susie – F R I D A Y

Little Suzie is a classic rock band from Augsburg in Germany. This song has a nice Americana touch. Thank God it’s Friday, get on the highway are lyrics just in line with that.


H.E.A.T. – Will You Be

Whenever there is a release by the Swedish hard rockers, there is a high potential that the guys make it into this list of songs. Like with their latest power ballad Will You Be. After their latest release Force Majeure, the new release Extra Force is already in the pipleline.



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