Dan Smalley – If I’m being honest EP

Dan Smalley - If I'm Being Honest



3.9/5 Pros

  • Four nice (and different) songs
  • Very intense voice on some tracks
  • Some good radio compositions Cons

  • Would have loved to have one, two more songs
  • No outstanding track

I ran into Dan Smalley as I ran into many young and upcoming artists: after the CD reviews I wanted to do for that weekend, I just scanned the additional released. If I’m Being Honest by Dan Smalley just touched me after I listened into the songs of the US country singer-songwriter. Thus, I felt to share his debut EP with you.


Dan Smalley – About The Artist

Born in Alaska, Dan Smalley grew up in Shrevport, Louisiana. The bio on his website state Merle Haggard, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson, but also Ray Charles and Al Green as his major musical influences. Unfortunately, could not grab too much more information about him to include in him, apart from that If I’m Being Honest is Smalley’s debut EP. He felt to have initially released under his native name, Daniel Smalley. I also did not find too many additional videos, but I liked this recording:


Dan Smalley – If I’m Being Honest – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 13 minutes.

1. Till Country Comes Back

The first track is a rhythmic, modern country track using very familiar-sounding tunes. Feels like a good radio song, definitely.

2. Lucky

Lucky is to be the most modern and catching track on this selection of four songs. A typical Nashville recording. In contrast to other songs, though, his voice sounds less characteristic on Lucky.

3. If I’m Being Honest

A slower track, which feels very intense. to me. I love to listen to his voice and listen to his story. Very nicely produced title track of the EP.

4. Rich And Famous

I like Smalley’s sound, powerful and modern, but still done with quite traditional methods – Rich and Famous is the best example on the EP for that. Nice track.


Dan Smalley – If I’m Being Honest – Spotify

This is the Spotify to listen into If I’m Being Honest:

Dan Smalley – If I’m Being Honest – My View

A good EP should be mouth-watering and making you long to listen to more music of that artist. I feel that on If I’m Being Honest, Smalley presents four different songs, which definitely show his talent. Unfortunately, my favorite song, Lucky, is maybe the least characteristic one. Thus, the EP is definitely much better than solid, but also not masterclass. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to hear more of him.


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