Mrs. Greenbird – Love You To The Bone

Mrs. Greenbird - Love You To The Bone



3.9/5 Pros

  • Lovely, simplistic, but good Americana sound
  • Very good storytelling Cons

  • Too few new tracks (some new recordings)

New songs from Mrs. Greenbird: Cologne’s finest Americana pop pair released a new set of tracks on 9th April 2022. The title is Love You To The Bone. I just had to have a listen to the songs.


Mrs. Greenbird – About The Artists

Since I ran into Sarah and Steffen at the Country to Country Festival in 2019, they regularly pop up on However, they met in 2006 already and are nowadays married, having a daughter. Their self-titled debut album was a golden record chart topper in Germany, boosted by winning the German version of X Factor. Their last album release has been Dark Waters in 2019, which just had a short appearance in the German charts. You also find more information about Sarah and Steffen in the review. I also visited a show of them in Frankfurt in 2019.


Mrs. Greenbird – Love You To The Bone – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Love Makes You Free (New Version)

Out of the nine tracks of the album, five are re-recording. In fact, Love You To The Bone is starting with four of these re-recordings. Love Makes You Free has been a good original – and the 2022 interpretation is spreading a lot of fun and joy as well. Good opener.

2. One Little Heart (New Version)

The 2022 sound of One Little Heart just cannot hide its country music heart. I love the ease the Cologne artists are presenting the song with.

3. Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales (New Version)

This section of musical retrospective just cannot miss the most classic (and successful) Mrs. Greenbird song of all. Almost a decade ago since they won X Factor. Still a really good track

4. After All (Full Band Version)

After All is the perfect proof that the high signature voice of Sarah Nütten may also work well in slightly darker, more melancholic musical environments. I am so often amazed how well the sound finally is.

5. How Much Is The Fish

Okay, the four songs at the beginning of the album give a nice view of the band history, but this track is the gem. Not because it is more impressive as a song, but just… Could you imagine that Mrs. Greenbird cover Scooter and it works out? If you don’t smile here, you don’t smile at all.

6. Let Me Borrow Your Shoes

Some of the new songs already did their publication duties as single releases. Let Me Borrow Your Shoes is one of them. I love the gentle, simple sound. Just a bit of rhythm, two vocalists and the guitar. That’s their amazing talent – these guys don’t need more.

7. It Will Never Rain Roses (New Version)

With almost seven minutes od duration, this song is an epic experience. Once the chorus is played, I am simply so much into this track. Nice melody.

8. Love You to the Bone

This song is something like Mrs. Greenbird’s wedding wowel. Do I need to say more? No chance they don’t do a beautiful melody for that occasion.

9. Creep

The album closes with a five minute new track. The song is as country as Mrs. Greenbird gets. And it is simply beautiful. I finish my listen with a smile and warmth in my heart. Well done.


Mrs. Greenbird – Love You To The Bone – Spotify

Here is Love You To The Bone on Spotify:


Mrs. Greenbird – Love You To The Bone – My View

I really love Sarah and Steffen. Apart from their great songs, they are indeed very heartful people. If you are into the band already, you might be a bit of disappointed. There is simply not too much new material on this album. The tracks are really good, though – and How much is the Fish feels simply iconic. I can’t rate this publication very high due to the lack of new material. Buf if Love You To The Bone is your option as a first Mrs. Greenbird album, this is an excellent choice.


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