Russell Dickerson – Russell Dickerson

Russell Dickerson - Russell Dickerson



4.5/5 Pros

  • 15 good country songs
  • A bunch of new tracks
  • Nice range of different styles of songs Cons

  • A bit of stereotypical

New album by Russell Dickerson: on 4th November 2022, the US country artist releases his third album overall. I already had a listen to his self-titled set of songs. Enjoy my thoughts about the 15 listens.


Russell Dickerson – About The Artist

Russell Dickerson is released almost two years after his sophomore album, Southern Symphony. I loved the album in my review, the long-play peaked 14th in the US country charts and could thus not connect to the Top 5 Yours (2017), Dickerson’s debut album. Dickerson is an artist from Union City, Tennessee, aged 35 at the date of release. Some more information can be found in the Southern Symphony review.


Russell Dickerson – Russell Dickerson – Track by Track

The fifteen song album lasts 48 minutes.

1. Blame It on Being Young

The opener has been the last song featured as a single before album release. The song is a slow, emotional ballad. dealing with all the memories of your teenage dreams, like Used a fake ID to buy what we were sippin’ on, Great way to start into this album.

2. Sorry

The very rhythmic Sorry creates a very different atmosphere. Powerful with a strong focus on the catch phrase I’m sorry and a very rhythmic attitude. A country dance and party track about love – If I love you too much I’m sorry. The song definitely stays in your mind after listening.

3. She Likes It (feat. Jake Scott)

Is this a Willie Jones song? She Likes It recorded with Jake Scott has a strong R&B groove and works with rap elements as well. A cool track which might not be on the top of the list for contemporary country traditionalists.

4. I Still Believe

The best beer is cold
The best friends are old
The bests songs go oh-oh-oh
The best girl is mine
The best night’s tonight […]

Back to the country party tunes. Russell Dickerson wrote another really catching track. You simply have to move to the rhythm and agree to I still believe in that.

5. Big Wheels

While I Still Believe took up the party vibes of Sorry, this one feels like the legitimate follow-up to She Likes ItBig Wheels is simply a cool track with a great vibe. If there is still some chance for a country music party in the hot sun for you, put it on the playlist.

6. I Remember

This song has been written with Los Angeles based DJ Cheat Codes. It has a nice country pop vibe without diverting too much from the sound of the other tracks of the album.

7. I Wonder

While the first half of the album is featuring a lot of songs already released, there are quite some new songs to come. In fact, I Wonder is the last track of the album which is not new to Russell Dickerson fans. The song is a nice, straight modern country track. Not as strong as songs of the album, but a really good listen.

8. God Gave Me a Girl

The relationship of Russell and his wife Kailey is described as a “fairytale” in some yellow press resources. Regarding all the love songs on this album only, they seem to be really, really happy. And we participate on their love by beautiful love songs like God Gave Me a Girl.

9. All the Same Friends

The ninth song is another really cool country summer track with strong vibes. However, it is also not too far away from I Still Believe, when you focus on the lyrics.

10. Beers to the Summer

Is Russell Dickerson also thought to serve as the country music party soundtrack of the summer of 2023? Here is another nice and hip one for a cold summer. A bit of stereotypical – but Russell Dickerson definitely knows how to tell these kind of stores.

11. She’s Why

Russell Dickerson is coming with a very high voice, almost falsetto, in this chorus. The song is very bass-driven and with a strong summer vibe – you could almost say that there are some reggae elements in this track. Cool.

12. 18

Back when we were 18 – Russell Dickerson is going back to his memories in this pop-ish and rhythmic track. The song does not add too much to the album in regards of the stories told. However, it makes you smile and move to the rhythm, which is not all bad at all.

13. Over and Over

Apart from the 2:09 minutes Big Wheels, these 2:20 minutes are the shortest listen of the album. A slow love song, which leaves a mark in your heart, even after a that short listen.

14. Drink to This

The album closes with two tracks which are about five minutes long each. Drunk To This is a nice country music track with rock elements. The long duration of the song also gives the chance to have some nice guitar solos in this track. Nice listen.

15. Just Like Your Mama

The last song of the album is the ballad Just Like Your Mama. The song is a nice love letter to Russell’s Dickersons child. Beautiful finale.


Russell Dickerson – Russell Dickerson – Spotify

I will add the Spotify widget to the review once the album has been published.



Russell Dickerson – Russell Dickerson – My View

I absolutely enjoyed listening to Russell Dickerson. The album has quite a lot of really good songs. The range of topics is a bit (too) limited, maybe – but that’s more a general topic about the genre than about this piece of country music itself. Thus, I absolutely recommend to have a listen to this one.



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