Sing meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert Vol. 8

Sing meinen Song - Das Tauschkonzert Vol. 8



4.4/5 Pros

  • Nice, often quite creative cover versions
  • Large selection of tracks (3 CDs / 50 songs) Cons

  • Some duets a bit of disappointing

Sing meinen Song (“Sing My Song”) is definitely one of my favorite German TV music shows. A group of music artist is doing music together in a series of episodes. The special thing about the show: each week, there is one of the artists in focus – and (apart from a single they are presenting), the other artists are presenting songs of that artist. This also explains the sub-title of the show, Das Tauschkonzert (“The Exchange Concert”). The current eighth season is one of my favorite ones already – and right after the third episode, they are already releasing a 3CD and online album with all the exchange songs. Release date is 7th May 2021.


Sing meinen Song Vol. 8 – The Artists

I of course cannot make a full bio for each artist, but here are the artists of the 2021 season of the show, which is by the way originally a Dutch show (Beste Zangers – “Best Singers”):

  • Johannes Oerding is the host of the 2021 season. The singer-songwriter from Münster had four Top 10 albums in Germany, which overall gained five golden a platinum record.
  • DJ Bobo is the “superstar” of this season. The Swiss Eurodance artist is one of the best selling artists in Europe, also well know for his amazing shows on tour.
  • Stefanie Heinzmann is the second Swiss artist in this season. She became very popular after a TV talent show and is especially popular in her home country.
  • Nura is a German rapper, who twice flew from war in her life, from Eritrea and the Gulf war. To me, she was not known before the season, but became one of the most impressive characters of the show.
  • JORIS is a singer-songwriter from the Bremen region. He did amazing songs during the last years. I recently reviewed his album Willkommen Goodbye
  • Ian Hopper is the singer of the folk / alternative folk band Mighty Oaks. Hopper grew up in Washington State and lives in Germany since 2008. In parallel to this album, the band releases the album Mexico.
  • Gentleman is likely the most successful German reggae artist. He is living in Cologne.


Sing meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert Vol. 8 – Artist by Artist

Overall, the 3CD release features 50 songs. The first two CDs with 21 tracks each feature the six cover versions of each artist in focus. The third CD features the songs presented in the last episode of the 2021 season, which are duets. The total playtime is 2:55 hours. I will review the songs episode by episode.


DJ Bobo Originals

The 2021 season of the TV show started with the superstar of the show, songs by DJ Bobo. The first two songs were by the ladies – and they indeed produced the most special recordings of this episode: Stefanie Heinzmann did a funk-pop version of Love is all around, Nura transformed Freedom to her world of music. Very remarkable re-recordings by JORIS (There’s a party and host Johannes Oerding (Pray) as well.

Songs featured (in original order):

  • Stefanie Heinzmann – Love is all around
  • Nura – Freedom
  • Joris – There’s a party
  • Ian Hooper – Life goes on
  • Gentleman – Let the dream come true
  • Johannes Oerding – Pray


JORIS Originals

This episode started with Herz über Kopf, the very first time DJ Bobo performed a song in German. To me, the coolest versions are the interpretation by Johannes Oerding (Glück auf) and the reggae version of Im Schneckenhaus by Gentleman.

Songs featured (in original order):

  • DJ Bobo – Herz über Kopf
  • Gentleman – Im Schneckenhaus
  • Stefanie Heinzmann – Signal
  • Johannes Oerding – Glück auf
  • Nura – Bis ans Ende der Welt
  • Ian Hooper – Du


Nura Originals

A very interesting episode – who of the other artists will rap to Nura songs (none of the other artists are rappers). DJ Bobo opened with a really cool and self-ironic version of On Fleek (a song which a stated needed to be explained to him by his teenage daughter), Stefanie Heinzmann created a special moment by turning Babe to a happy mood song. The track has originally been written by Nura for a very close friend who tragically died. A very remarkable performance by Ian Hooper, who turned Auf der Suche into a Mighty Oaks style track.

Songs featured (in original order):

  • DJ Bobo – On Fleek
  • Gentleman – Kein Bock
  • Johannes Oerding – Ohne Sinn
  • Stefanie Heinzmann – Babe
  • Ian Hooper – Auf der Suche
  • JORIS – Habibi


Mighty Oaks / Ian Hopper Originals

The first six song set I did not know from the TV show while listening to the album were the covers of Mighty Oaks / Ian Hopper songs. The first, striking thing was that there is no song from the parallel release MexicoNura starts the song with a very nice melodic performance of Call me a friend. I was a bit disappointed of Gentleman’s interpretation of the band’s biggest song Brother. DJ Bobo had the chance to do a rather electronic pop track out of Storm. One of my favorites. The last two songs, the German version of When I Dream I See and Stefanie Heinzmann’s amazing Forget tomorrow, are great listens to me as well.

Songs featured (in original order):

  • Nura – Call me a friend
  • Gentleman – Brother
  • JORIS – Aileen
  • DJ Bobo – Storm
  • Johannes Oerding – Immer wenn ich träum (When I dream I see)
  • Stefanie Heinzmann – Forget tomorrow


Stefanie Heinzmann Originals

The first two songs of the Stefanie Heinzmann set are already amazing. I love the dark touch in All we need is love – but Nura is even more amazing with her pop version with a lot of reggae vibes of My man is a Mean Man. I am sure that Heinzmann will love the cool style of DJ Bobo on Shadows. JORIS puts an emotional highlight into this set of six tracks.

Songs featured (in original order):

  • Ian Hooper – All we need is love
  • Nura – My man is a Mean Man
  • Johannes Oerding – Diggin’ in the dirt
  • Gentleman – Little Universe
  • DJ Bobo – Shadows
  • JORIS – Du und ich (In the end)


Gentleman Originals

Reggae time in the songs #31 to #36. Johannes Oerding starts with a cool Time out, but it is again young Nura who is surprising with a powerful rock interpretation of Intoxication. Send a prayer, interpreted by JORIS, is finally the first song which comes with a touch of reggae vibes. DJ Bobo as a rapper in Ich komm zurück makes me smile. Cool to see how he is regularly leaving his comfort zone in this show.

Songs featured (in original order):

  • Johannes Oerding – Time out
  • Stefanie Heinzmann – Ahoi
  • Nura – Intoxication
  • JORIS – Send a prayer
  • Ian Hooper – Mama
  • DJ Bobo – Ich komm zurück


Johannes Oerding Originals

The host of the show is in focus of the last show before the duet special show. Stefanie Heinzmann impresses with a very emotional version of Ungeschminkt. Nura’s version of Zieh Dich aus is another big surprise – she is even promising when she is doing swing. Gentleman is closing the covers with a classic reggae vibe, DJ Bobo does a very emotional Unter einen Hut. JORIS closes the solo covers with a beautiful An guten Tagen.

Songs featured (in original order):

  • Stefanie Heinzmann – Ungeschminkt
  • Nura – Zieh dich aus
  • Gentleman – So schön
  • DJ Bobo – Unter einen Hut
  • Ian Hooper – Wenn du gehst
  • JORIS – An guten Tagen


The Duets

The last eight songs is why you have to go for a third CD in this compilation. The first duet is the lovely Swiss collaboration on Stefanie Heinzmann’s version of Love Is All Around – one of the best tracks in this season. Nura impresses in the next two songs – she is not only feeling stronger than Ian Hopper in Auf der Suche, but DJ Bobo’s variation of On Fleek is likely the best of all covers. JORIS and Gentleman do good Im Schneckenhaus, nice harmony. Many of the duets don’t convince me that much – the very final An guten Tagen by JORIS and Johannes Oerding is another great one, though.

Songs featured (in original order, the second artist named is the original artist):

  • Stefanie Heinzmann & DJ Bobo – Love Is All Around
  • Ian Hopper & Nura – Auf der Suche
  • DJ Bobi & Nura – On Fleek
  • Gentleman & JORIS – Im Schneckenhaus
  • Johannes Oerding & Stefanie Heinzmann – Diggin’ in the Dirt
  • DJ BoBo & Ian Hopper – Storm
  • Johannes Oerding & Gentleman – Time Out
  • JORIS & Johannes Oerding – An guten Tagen


Sing meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert Vol. 8 – Tour

The first posting in a while for which I dare to post tour dates as well. Having concerts in April / May 2022 feels very realistic from a today’s perspective.

Th 28.04.2022 Mannheim, SAP Arena
Fr 29.04.2022 Cologne, LANXESS arena
Su 01.05.2022 Hamburg, Barclaycard Arena
Mo 02.05.2022 Berlin, Mercedes-Benz Arena


Sing meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert Vol. 8 – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:

Sing meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert Vol. 8 – My View

The TV show is really great. It is a bit of sad to have the album that early – it also tells you which episodes you might easily skip, because they don’t come with that many catching tracks. I am a bit disappointed of the duets, but overall, there are a lot amazing re-interpretation. I have to clearly state that Nura is truly feeling like the winner of this season to me. She will boost her reputation with these appearances, for sure – and she is impressing with a wide range of songs. On the other hand, I would have loved to see more moving out of the comfort zone by Gentleman. The album is a Top Pick!, for sure, if you like creative cover versions.



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