Sylvia Aimee – Identity EP

Sylvia Aimee - Identity



4.7/5 Pros

  • Beautiful recordings
  • Very personal, straight and honest music Cons

  • Just two new songs

What a massive impact weekend for the wonderful Dutch artist Sylvia Aimee: on 30th June 2023, the country-pop artist is releasing her new EP Identity. She will present the songs together with befriended artists in a release show in Amsterdam on 2nd July 2023. On top of that, she decided to quit her ordinary job and do something else. Let’s have a listen to her newest songs to see whether a professional music career might be the right choice.


Sylvia Aimee – About The Artist

Since I ran into the music of Sylvia Aimee, I am a huge fan or her. Identity is the second EP of the mid-20’s artist. Her debut EP Superhero contains the amazing track Lonely Battle, which I even listed in my Favorite Songs of 2020 post. The title track of this EP has been released in 2021 already and was part of my Favorite Songs post of that year. I also chatted with Sylvia in my Spotlight interview series about that single release.


Sylvia Aimee – Identity – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 21 minutes

1. Identity

I guess I don’t have to say too much more about this one. It is a typical Aimee song: very personal and intimate songwriting. Sylvia takes you into her soul, her thoughts. And on top of that, I just love listening to her amazing voice. Identity also has a nice balance between having a clear and deep message and still working with the ease of a pop song.

It has more power than it should have over me
It is more than just a dream
It has more power than it should have over me
It is more than just a dream
It’s my whole identity

2. Friends

While Identity did not have such a clear country music heart, songs like Friends show that Sylvia’s music is strongly inspired by the genre. The song is a very modern country-pop song with some good guitar elements. The fade out of the song again illustrates how good this lady also is in the quiet, fragile moments of music.

3. Dim Your Light

Sylvia Aimee released this song at the end of March 2023. The song is a very personal note to herself. Ain’t this a beautiful one?

Little blue-eyed girl singing songs in the back seat of the car
She doesn’t know the words but she doesn’t care and makes ’em up
She’s the brightest ray of sunlight I have ever seen
The purest soul she will ever be

4. What If

Only two songs of the EP have not been released yet. One of them is What If. The style is a typical Sylvia Aimee song. The song is about the struggle of taking the right decision about a relationship. There will always be a “What If” as the lyrics are stating. Listening to this new one keeps me smiling.

5. Odd One Out

The fifth song has been the most recent publication before the EP release. Sylvia is having a snippet about every song she released – and I especially like what she wrote about Odd One Out: What makes you a bit of a weirdo? Never change that about yourself! Embrace it and hold on to it, wherever you go. That’s what my new single Odd One Out is about: an ode to your quirkiness. Very uplifting, motivation song in a typical country-pop sound.

6. Life’s More Beautiful Than Hard (feat. Amber Kamminga, Angie Flare & Kimmy Joe)

Okay, there is this Ilse DeLange girl. Otherwise, this country music collaboration could already be named a Dutch all-star team of female country music. The four ladies do beautifully, when they send this message out, using not much more than her voices and an acoustic guitar. A beautiful way to finish this release.


Sylvia Aimee – Identity – Spotify

Here is Identity on Spotify.


Sylvia Aimee – Identity – My View

Let’s start with the downside: I would have loved to have more than two more songs. The simple reason is: I just love what this lady is doing – and she did not disappoint me again. Beautiful writes which have a lovely sound and are so personal, so special. Sylvia is so dedicated to what she is doing – and you just feel that every second while listening to Identity. Love it! about Sylvia Aimee

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