TriXstar – Dear 2020 EP

TriXstar - Dear 2020



4.1/5 Pros

  • Cool reggae groove in six songs - but still very versatile
  • Cool different atmosphere
  • Nicely arranged closing track

TriXstar is a very interesting artist. She is having Iranian background, but is nowadays a rising artist in the German reggae scene. On 28th May 2021, she is releasing six songs on an EP called Dear 2020. Here is my review.


TriXstar – About The Artist

The civil name of TriXstar is Ima Ghafouri. She was born on 23rd May 1984 in Schiras, Iran. She is a German-Iranian artist. Already in the late 1990’s she started to create music. However, her first publications are dated as of 2008, when she became part of the Vienna reggae scene. Her debut EP was the 2013 New Era. Last year, she published her full first album #TrixStylez. TriXstar is also very active in social projects, like refugee and female rights. A very special music video is the one below, Live My Life, which comes with German sign language.


TriXstar – Dear 2020 – Track by Track

The six song album lasts 23 minutes.

1. Love

Love is the opener of this EP. From the very first moment, I love to listen to the warm voice of TriXstar. The reggae sound is quite classic – the only reggae feeling you miss is that slightly imprecise pronunciation after having consumed a dutchie. Just kidding – this song gives a lot of summer feeling already

2. You

You is a bit of quicker than the opener, but it again has that easy, laid back reggae feeling. Is that really German reggae with Persian background? I love that touch of Jamaica in my mind.

3. Own Way

Own Way has a stronger touch of a pop track. The song is very rhythmic and works with strong accentuation. The verses have a bit of a hip hop touch – but Ghafouri on the other hand is not leaving this summer-reggae vibe. Nice song, which even has a slightly oriental touch to me.

4. Satisfy Me

Satisfy Me gives a very own touch to the album. The song is about a break up after a toxic relationship. The song is very powerful, angry and shows a very different kind of her music. Cool vibe, even though it does not come with that summer-party-reggae feeling you typically might think of.

5. Smile

Smile is definitely a more groovy song. The song is about how to define your own way. I like that the reggae style really works well even if TriXstar is going for a rather deep and dark voice. Nice change between rather dark and quite happy sounding parts.

6. Wonders

With 5:28 minutes, TriXstar keeps the most epic song of the whole EP for last. A song which is having a very experimental character – it just plays with different sounds and breaks within the song, Even though there are so many different phases of this song, you still have that reggae touch, which is always present in the background. Excellent!


TriXstar – Dear 2020 – Spotify

Here are her songs on Spotify:


TriXstar – Dear 2020 – My View

I am terribly ignorant in regards of reggae. I do love the genre whenever I listen to it – but finally, I just don’t know enough of it. I think of Bob Marley, I think of One Love. The more, TriXstar had the chance to change that – and she did. I love the versatility of the EP – even though the six songs clearly all come with that signature groove of the genre. Really cool groove – I look forward to listen to more tunes from her in the future.


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