Daisy Briggs – Nice Knowing You EP

Daisy Briggs - Nice Knowing You



3.8/5 Pros

  • Young and fresh sound
  • Nice writes
  • Good balance between pop and country Cons

  • Rather feels like teenage country songs
  • Similar topics

According to her homepage, Daisy Briggs grew up with 14 dogs, 14 cats, a pig, a goat, a pony, donkey, rabbits, chicken and a peacock. While she was surrounded by rescued pets and farm animals at her home, she is nowadays based in Nashville, pursuing a singer-songwriter career. On 12th May 2023, Briggs released her debut EP Nice Knowing You. I had a listen.


Daisy Briggs – About The Artist

Daisy Briggs was born on 10th January 1996. She grew up in Newport, Rhode Island (home of the wonderful Tennis Hall of Fame). In September 2021, she released her debut single Once Upon a Time in a Small Town, seven year after she moved to Nashville.


Daisy Briggs – Nice Knowing You – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 18 minutes

1. 1 To Just Friends

If you look at Spotify streams only, Daisy Briggs opens the EP with her most successful single feature of this release so far. The song has a juvenile feeling with a pop rhythm and country music vibes. The topic? Typical love struggle… Nice listen, though.

I wanna know where I stand
I am sick of being confused
Do all the girl in your phone
Get you the way that I do?

2. Option

Difference is to me you’re a choice
But to you I’m just an option

You just cannot say that this EP is incepting with happy love moments. The struggle continues with Option – at least on the story side. The song is a really nice one, with a good pop energy and nice vibes. Daisy Briggs makes me smile.

3. I Don’t Hate U (My Mom Thinks Ur Trash)

Okay, the song title already tells you that there is some conflict behind this one as well. I did not know this single release beforehand – but I can state that Daisy Briggs makes me smile for 3:09 minutes with her third track. I Don’t Hate U (My Mom Thinks Ur Trash) is fresh, cheeky and also has a nice touch of country music. Even though the song rather does not sound like a song made from stories from 25 to now, as she states on her Insta page.

4. Lost You First

I probably would have lost myself, so I am glad I lost you first is the key phrase of this song. After four songs, you start praying that this beautiful young being will have happy love once in her life. On the other hand, she is writing good songs about these kind of things. Thus, sorry Daisy, I somehow enjoy it.

5. Your Biggest Regret

Your Biggest Regret is a bit slower and more gentle than the songs before. However, it does not yet spread any ballad vibes. The topic, of course: unhappy love, a poor character love. Nice melody, though.

6. Nice Knowing You

The title track is closing the EP. The song has been released as a single in parallel to the EP. The song is nicely driven by the strumming guitar, but overall is rather on the weak side to me.


Daisy Briggs – Nice Knowing You – Spotify

Here is Daisy Briggs’ debut EP on Spotify:


Daisy Briggs – Nice Knowing You – My View

There is one thing which is worrying me most: are these love stories really the six key things happening to Daisy Briggs between the age of 25 and 27. The selection of topics is a bit too streamlined to me. Love stories are touching everybody – better don’t touch social or political topics or other kids of conflicts, they could offend someone. This kind of Nashville policy is bothering me – not only while listening to Nice Knowing You. Daisy Briggs is a really interesting artist and she released a promising EP. I just hope that next time she is presenting a wider range of stories.


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