FRAUPAUL – Was, wenn wir dann durchdrehen… ?! EP

FRAUPAUL - Was, wenn wir dann durchdrehen...?!



4.6/5 Pros

  • Great, straight rock songs
  • Very catching and good stories

FRAUPAUL is a rather new band from Hamburg. Recently, I ran into some of their songs of the second EP of the act. I just liked the nice blend of German rock and punk elements and felt that these five songs are a really nice sharing for Was, wenn wir dann durchdrehen…?! (“What if we are escalating then?”) has been released on 13th October 2023.


FRAUPAUL – About The Artists

FRAUPAUL are a female German rock and punk rock trio from Hamburg. Th three band members are Lisa (vocals, guitar), Mary (bass) and Linda (drums). They are releasing music since 2022. In that year, they also released their debut EP Gut Genug. This EP is their sophomore one.


FRAUPAUL – Was, wenn wir dann durchdrehen…?! – Track by Track

The five song album lasts 17 minutes.

1. Italien

Italien translates to “Italy”. The song is about being on a vacation together as a couple… and thinking about what is happening if there are discussions during the best time of the year. Was ist wenn wir streiten? – “What is happening when we are in a dispute”. Cool song idea with a cheeky rock sound.

2. Hinter den Gardinen

Hinter den Gardinen is another really on point, precise write. Even if you don’t understand German, you might enjoy the nicely driving, thumping rock sound of the trip. The ladies catch you  with their sound and you simply have a great time.

3. Owoho

The third song Owoho has been released in September. The song is about waiting at the train station for a dear person you haven’t met since ages. The groovy sound of the song feels like a blues rocker. The chorus, however, has the slight punk touch of the other songs of the EP. The lyrics are amazing and beautifully describe the story and emotions. They also don’t lack to have a potshot on the German Rail, which are nowadays thought not to be very reliable.

4. Hilf mir nicht

The fourth song’s title translates to “Don’t help me”. The song starts slowly and even a bit of melancholic, before the anger is exploding. The second half of this one is a really cool German rocker, with a nice guitar part at the end.

5. Kein Song für Dich

“No song for you” – the chucker-out describes the frustration of a break-up and struggling about the new love of your ex. The four minute song is an emotional rollercoaster ride. Very relatable lyrics. Ich will nichts mehr von Dir sehen – “I don’t want to see anything from you” – and Du hast es nicht verdient – “You don’t deserve it” – are some of the thoughts popping up. Nice finale.


FRAUPAUL – Was, wenn wir dann durchdrehen…?! – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


FRAUPAUL – Was, wenn wir dann durchdrehen…?! – My View

I absolutely recommend to give these girls a listen. Great songwriting, powerful rock and the cool touch of punk music – Was, wenn wir dann durchdrehen…. ?! is a great showcase of an emerging German rock band. Bad luck I cannot make it to one of their shows this year – I am sure it would be a lot of fun!


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