Kati von Schwerin – Welcome Back Home

Kati von Schwerin - Welcome Back Home



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very good storytelling
  • Beautiful, characteristic voice
  • Nice range of songs

Reading sessions, artsexhibitions… and concerts – if you look at the tour dates of Kati von Schwerin, you already see her widespread talent. She is a studied visual artist, a writer as well as a musician. On 21st April 2023, she is releasing her third album, Welcome Back Home. I already had a listen.


Kati von Schwerin – About The Artist

Kati von Schwerin was born in 1983 in Hohenlimburg in Hagen in the Ruhrgebiet. She initially pursued studies in arts, where was in a master class in Düsseldorf. In parallel, she got a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and later a master degree in that field at the University of Berlin. In 2016, shealso released her debut album Remedy, followed by Inspired by the Riot two years later. Since 2020, she is also a freelance editor at the German satiric magazine Titanic. She is releasing her first book in September 2023.


Kati von Schwerin – Welcome Back Home – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 31 minutes.

1. Mary’s In Need

The album opens with its two single releases. How does Kati von Schwerin sound? Anything alternative, very artificial, complex? Not at all – Mary’s In Need is a straight singer-songwriter pop track with a nice vibe. I love her voice, which is having a very soulful touch.

2. Page 99

Page 99 is another good-to-listen pop track. Very straight song, in which Kati von Schwerin’s biggest asset is her beautiful, warm and energetic voice. Apart from the nice storytelling. A really nice listen.

3. Until the Rubin Sings

The third song of the album comes with a very different touch. The piano ballad puts an even bigger focus on the vocalist qualities of the artist. Von Schwerin is mastering it easily. Especially at the quiet beginning of this four minute track, she is doing amazing. Love it!

4. Goodbye

Goodbye after four songs already? Luckily, there are some more songs to come after this song, which is having a beautiful groove. The piano, drumming and some strings create the perfect atmosphere to this breakup song.

And I’ve tried
To be the one
Who always runs to you
And you cry
But I was wrong
‘Cause all you’ve done
Was Lying
That’s why
I have to say Goodbye  

5. Only Love

A more present bass in this song leads to a nice groove. Together with the sound of Kati’s voice, this leads to an amazingly presence. A very energetic song, which again looks at the unlucky sides of a relationship.

6. Who Are You?

Who Are You? initially feels to be very similar to Only Love, but the song more and more develops its own style and a nice ease. Nonetheless, the angry Who Are You? stays in the center of the listen.

7. Don’t Lose Heart

With brass-alike sounds, Don’t Lose Heart does introduce a slightly new character. Nonetheless, the song is quite in line with others on this album and thus has a tough time developing a strong presence in this set of ten songs. The bridge is a certain catch, though.

8. Boo

Boo feels like a nicely flowing narration. The typical arrangement of nowadays music strongly leveraging the volume unfortunately takes quite some dynamics out of this track. I am sure that this one is a blast when Kati von Schwerin is live on stage.

9. It’s Not Over

With a duration of just 1:36 minutes and a 40 second intro, this track feels like an interlude. The most indie-style sound of the album, experimenting with synth sounds.

10. Welcome Back Home

The title track is closing the the album. The song amazingly describes the feeling of being home – but feeling very uncomfortable. The breakup topic and the struggle at the end of a relationship is the key topic of this recording again.


Kati von Schwerin – Welcome Back Home – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Kati von Schwerin – Welcome Back Home – My View

I don’t want to relfect on all the talents this creative person is all having in parallel too much. But keeping in mind what Kati von Schwerin is all doing besides music is simply fascinating. The album is a really nice listen – would love to enjoy it live on stage one day as well.


Kati von Schwerin – Tour Dates

Kati von Schwerin’s website also includes dates, which are “only” reflecting her works on arts or readings of her book. The list below is focusing on tour dates with musical performances.

Fr 21.04.2023 Dusseldorf – FFT
Mo 24.04.2023 Aachen – Domkeller
Do 27.04.2023 Haltern – Schänke (acoustic set)
Fr 28.04.2023 Gelsenkirchen – Wohnzimmer GE
Sa 29.04.2023 Lüneburg – Spätcafe im Glockenhof
Fr 19.05.2023 Darmstadt – Künstlerkeller (with arts exhibition)
Su 21.05.2023 Offenbar – Hafen 2
Su 03.09.2023 Radebeul – WeinBergKulTour
Th 05.10.2023 Schwerin – Kressmann (with reading)

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