Songs Of The Week (week of 15th December 2023)

The Christmas countdown is steadily running to zero – which more and more means that new releases get sparse. I already have some 15 promos for album releases in 2024, but practically nothing for the next two weeks.  Nonetheless, there are still quite some very interesting releases. A very special one for me personally is leading the Songs of the Week this time. Enjoy!


Catherine McGrath – Next New Year

I do this king of posting for quite a while now (two years, I believe…) – but it is the first time I was already finished with the selection and order of songs… And then… I had to change the very top. A new song by Catherine McGrath, who touched my heart and made me fall with European country music with her Talk of this Town album is finally releasing new music. More pop-alike than country, but with this magical touch of her musical. Damn, I am back in love to this Northern Irish lady.


Kerle Fornia – Maradona in Mexiko

Kerle Fornia is a band from Osterholz North of Bremen. Originally starting as a duo, the band is nowadays a quartet and about to release a new album. This song is about having a legendary night out. Party and fun during is allowed during Christmas time as well


Myrath – Let It Go

I just could not skip the latest release of the Tunisian progressive metal band Myrath. The sound they do is just too special – and too good.  Very good one.


Daisy Grenade feat. Kasey Karlsen – King For A Day

Daisy Grenade is a power punk bubble grunge band that serves a bitter punch with a lip – glossed kiss on the side. That’s how Dani Nigro and Keaton Whittaker describe their US-American duo on their very own website. For their new release, they added former Deadlands singer Kasey Karlsen, which leads to really good female rock collaboration.


Andy Zingsem & Whyteboy – Ride On

Dusseldorf-based artist Frank Dursthof alian Whyteboy is teaming up with Andy Zingsem for this song. The result is a dark alt-country song, which here and there even reminds of hip hop. Really cool and groovy sound.


Hadar Sopher – Which Way To Go

The next song is by Israel-born artist Hadar Sopher. Cool rock-pop sing, which is especially catching due to the very characteristic voice of Sopher. Thumbs up.


Contract – Holy Light

Just when I closed my (non-country) Christmas song posting for 2023, Contract released this lovely one, Holy Night. The band from Wiesbaden, Germany, is typically known for their classic rock tracks – this time, they are going for some holiday tunes. The B-side ballad Time is worth the listen as well.


1986zig – Frieden

1986zig is a German pop singer and songwriter. He is typically hiding is identity by singing with a mask on his head. Growing with cover versions on Instagram, he is nowadays having a very nice own songbook. The latest addition is Frieden (“Freedom”) – a very intense listen.


Bülent Ceylan – Wohin du gehst

Bülent Ceylan is typically known in Germany as a comedian. Recetly, however, he really feels to be pushing for his musical career. Songs like this (“Wherever you go”) underline that his at least not doing too bad in it.


Albrecht Schrader (feat. Stella Sommer & Talking To Turtles) – When Millenials Cry

Albrecht Schrader is known as a composer of songs in various genres. However, this folk-piano ballad still feels quite surprising, based on his previous releases. Nonetheless, the gentle sound does nicely match the winter and holiday mood here.


Bekkaa – Ich tu dir weh, du fährst mich heim

“I hurt you – you drive me home” – that’s a rather unique title for a pop song. The artist name Bekkaa also feels quite catching – and so is the song. Very nice, modern sound.



Songs of The Week – The Playlist

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