The Local Honeys – The Local Honeys

The Local Honeys - The Local Honeys



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very straight and relatable stories
  • Nice, wide arrangement of songs

There were some interesting releases in my virtual pile of (digital) albums released on 15th July 2022. One of them was The Local Honey by the equivalently named band, already the third long-player by the country music duo. The press package, at least, sounded very interesting. Here are my thoughts.


The Local Honeys – About The Artists

The first set about The Local Honeys on their very own homepage is “Many artists are defined by place, but only a handful of artists come to define the places they’re from”. Just thereafter, it states that “Kentucky runs through their veins like an unbridled racehorse”. The two ladies who form the duo are Linda Jean Stokley and Montana Hobbs). They feel to have started to do music together in the early 2010’s decade. Their debut album was Little Girls Actin’ Like Men released in 2017. Two years later, they added The Gospel. The first album also contains Cigarette Trees, the duo’s most successful song so far. It lead to some 400k streams on Spotify.


The Local Honeys – The Local Honeys – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 42 mintues.

1. The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore

The two ladies open their 2022 album with a five minute epic track. The song is rather slow, harmonic and hymnic. It feels like the perfect soundtrack for the epilogue of a Western music to me. A bit too early to have the last bites of popcorn. This nice one is the only cover of the album, written by Jean Ritchie.

2. Last Mule in the Holler

The second song is more rhythmic and also comes with a nice vibe. Nonetheless, Last Mule in the Holler comes with elements I liked at the first track already. A wide range of instruments and sounds, for example. The song has a clear theme and structure – but on the other hand, it feels very dynamic and variable. Nice!

3. Dead Horses

I never got used to watching horses die
They die badly, it has kept me up at night
I never got used to watching horses die
Count my pretty ponies
When I greet the morning light

The album is advertising itself to do Kentucky music, Kentucky topics – and what could be more Kentucky-alike than this one? The third song comes with gentle vocals and a beautifully developed main theme on the guitar. Even though I prefer other animals more, this is one of my favorite listens of the album.

4. Dear Woodrow

The style of Dear Woodrow is rather traditional. There is even a tap dance part. The Local Honeys take us on a ride back in time, but I enjoy going for it, indeed.

5. The Ballad of Frank & Billy Buck

The song feels more modern than the previous one, but it is still rather a good listen for traditional country music lovers. The song describes the life of a typical hillbilly and redneck. I just enjoy how the ladies describe their main character.

6. Toadstool

Not about persons at all, but a botanic protagonist in this song. Beautiful lyrics and – especially – a lovely presentation. Again, the duo is adding a bunch of musicians and instruments to their track to create a great atmosphere.

7. Better Than I Deserve

The song, which is dedicated to Montana’s grandfather. Better Than I Deserve has more ease than the songs before. Nice arrangement, easy listen.

8. Dumbass, Nebraska

The eighth song is having a stronger folk music character again. A rather slow track with a comparably limited instrumentation and also rather monotonous melody, which together leads to a strong focus on the lyrics. Nice.

9. If I Could Quit

If I Could Quite comes with a very intense vibe and makes you move to the sound of the song. A track like a quick horse ride. Good listen.

10. Throw Me in the Ticket (When I Die)

The closing song was in fact already released in February 2019, at least on YouTube (it is not part of the The Gospel album). The song is finally an ode to the family orchard owned by Linda’s family. Beautiful farewell listen.


The Local Honeys – The Local Honeys – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Local Honeys – The Local Honeys – My View

You don’t know how Kentucky is like? Maybe start with this album – the exchange rate between European currencies and the US Dollar is crap anyways. The album feels very authentic and tells some really nice stories. Very relatable and well-arranged songs, which really give me an enjoyable listen.


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