Michael Lane – Memories

Michael Lane - Memories



3.6/5 Pros

  • Lovely, very individual indie-folk
  • Warm and gentle atmosphere Cons

  • Just two previously unreleased song
  • Similar songs

After his 2019 album Traveling Son and the 2022 Take it Slow, Memories is already the third Michael Lane album I cover with Even though neither of the two albums made to the very top of the rating scale, I absolutely love the sound of the German-US-American artist. His 2023 album has been released on 24th November 2023.


Michael Lane – About The Artist

Michael Lane was born in 1986 in Nuremberg. Being born as a son of a US-American father and German mother, he is having two cultural roots. Especially the Traveling Son review features a deeper look into the bio of Michael Lane. Memories is his sixth studio album overall. Michael Lane is typically releasing folk music songs.


Michael Lane – Memories – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 34 minutes.

1. Gettin’ By

My, my world is getting by, but that’s okay – because we’re happy anyway – what a beautiful key phrase to start this album. Michael Lane recorded a dream-ish, very personal song, in which the guitar feels to be a heavenly harp.

2. I Can’t Live Without You

I Can’t Live Without You is remarkable in an unfortunate way. Among with the fourth song Memory, it is the only track which has not yet been released before the album. That’s a bit too thin in my point of view. The track is a bit more pop-ish and rhythmic than the opener, A beautiful love letter by the US-German artist.

3. Balsam Tree

The background sounds of Balsam Tree turn the song into a special listen. First of all, there is the cheeky, banjo-alike backing melody. On top of that, Lane is supported by a female vocalist, which leads to a lovely, harmonic sound.

4. Memory

Memory is somewhat the title track of the album. The song surprises with a stomping rhythm and a very present sound. While Michael Lane is typically an indie-folk artist, Memory does much more feel like a mainstream song. Still, it has its very individual elements. Like it!

5. Remember The Days

Old memories, reviving old feelings – that’s what this song is about, especially in regards of love. The result is a beautiful folk-pop song,

6. Walking a Long Road

The sixth song is another beautifully gentle listen. However, in the context of the other songs, it struggles a bit to define its own character identify.

7. Here With Me

Michael Lane promises I will wait for you in this seventh song. The melody is more catching and characteristic. Thus, Here With Me is a song Michael Lane fans likely enjoy.

8. In Your Arms

The catching element of this song is definitely the guitar play, which leads to a very beautiful, memorable vibe. Also the light percussion work adds a nice touch. The falsetto style vocals feel to be the perfect fit for this song.

9. Someone New

The rather dark groove in the background of Someone New leads to a nice contrast compared to the remaining song. The chorus is another beautiful, but fragile listen. The brass sounds made me smile as well. A nice one.

10. Summer Love

The chucker-out Summer Love is indeed a typical Michael Lane track with summer vibes. Nice arrangement with a plushy arrangement.


Michael Lane – Memories – Spotify

Here is Memories on Spotify:


Michael Lane – Memories – My View

If you have published eight out of ten songs already, the release rather feels like a compilation than like a full-value album to me. This is on top of that Michael Lane albums typically have individually beautiful songs, but could have a wider spread of sounds and styles. Memories is heartwarming if you isolate the listen from these points, though.

Favorite Song: Gettin’ By


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