Kimberly Perry – Bloom EP

Kimberly Perry - Bloom



3.5/5 Pros

  • First songs by solo Kimberly Perry
  • Nice range Cons

  • No fully catching recording
  • Lacking a bit of new character

If your debut single release is named  If I Die Young Pt. 2 and you have more than 100k followers on Instagram, the people likely knew you already before you published that song. This also applies to Kimberly Perry, whom you all know from The Band Perry. Kimberly has been releasing her solo debut EP on 9th June 2023. It is named Bloom.


Kimberly Perry – About The Artist

Kimberly Marie Perry was born on 12th July 1983. She grew up in Jackson, Mississippi. She had her own band initially, but then joined forces in 2005 with her brothers Neil and Reid. Until The Band Perry announced a hiatus in March 2023, The country music act was a huge success with one Grammy Award win (2015, Gentle on My Mind, Best Country Duo/Group Performance) and two additional nominations. However, the band just released two albums, a 2010 self-titled one and the 2015 Pioneer. On top of that, there are four EPs by The Band Perry. The biggest success of the band was If I Die Young, which received seven platinum records in the US only. Kimberly is the first of the siblings to release music after they announced the hiatus. Reid Perry had some single releases before that, though.


Kimberly Perry – Bloom – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 18 minutes.

1. If I Die Young Pt. 2

The song starts with The Band Perry classic in an updated version. The chorus is equivalent, so that the song initially feels like a cover version. However, the song is officially a sequel as the stanzas have been updated. Still a bit too close to me to her family band days.

2. Burn The House Down

I’m watchin’ the flame do what it does
I’m watchin’ a name turn into dust
I’m pourin’ gasoline on a king-size mattress
Light it up with some dive bar matches
As hot as it is right now
You can’t rise from the ashes ’til you burn the house down

The second track is a powerful country-pop song. The more I listen to Burn The House Down, the more I enjoy it. The track also feel more like an emancipation from her former band to me.

3. Cry At Your Funeral

The third track is my favorite of this EP. .Melodically, there are some similarities to what you listened to before, but Cry At Your Funeral has much more power and energy. Very nice one.

4. Ghosts

I’ll love you when we’re ghosts – the EP is showing the emotional side of KImberly Perry in its fourth song. Nicely recorded song with beautiful lyrics. A bit of Nashville mainstream touch, unfortunately.

5. Smoke ‘Em Too

The five songs of Perry’s solo debut show a nice range of different songs. The closing track Smoke ‘Em Too is a nice, intimate song, which also comes with a nice groove. A typical summer night party sound.


Kimberly Perry – Bloom – Spotify

Here is Bloom on Spotify:


Kimberly Perry – Bloom – My View

Kimberly Perry released a nice EP. The question to me is: is “nice” enough for her to establish as a solo artist. Are these five songs enough to define a new profile outside the sphere of The Band Perry. Is there a song which defines her individually more than If I Die Young (the original…)? I struggle to believe that. Still, a nice listen.


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