Tusq – Rarities & Outtakes

Tusq - Rarities & Outtakes



3.8/5 Pros

  • Great songs with a nice variety
  • Very characteristic and powerful tunes Cons

  • Getting too weak towards the end

Alternative rock made in Hamburg – the German band Tusq is already active for eleven years. Time to release some Rarities & Outtakes – and that’s exactly the name of their new album, which is released on 13th November 2020. Here are my thoughts about it.


Tusq – About The Artists

Tusq is a German Alternative/Indie-Rock band from Hamburg, Germany, which has been found in 2009. The current lineup is Uli Breitbach (vocals / keyboard), Timo Sauer (guitar), Matthias Frank (drums / vocals) and Michael Schlücker (bass / vocals). They have quite an international fanbase and already toured countries like Brazil and Argentinia. Furthermore, they recorded two of their albums, including the 2010 debut Patience Camp, in Finland. So far, the band has released two more studio albums, Hailuto (2013) and The Great Acceleration (2018). Rarities & Outtakes is already the second major publication of the band this year, after they released the Live EP Sunrise Music Sessions before.

Tusq – Rarities & Outtakes – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts forty minutes.

1. I Have Asked The Byrds

The album starts very promising with I Have Asked The Byrds. Quite straight rock with an indie touch… and do I hear a little bit of Oasis in here? No, the Gallaghers are not part of Tusq. Great one.

2. Not Today But Tomorrow

You just cannot deny a touch of Brit-Pop / Brit-Pop in the second track as well. Less rocking than the first track, but therefor a bit of more melodic. Fun to listen to.

3. Counting Sheep

We are as one // we are as one, two, three – while this song incepts with very catching lyrics, Counting Sheep is definitely not a lullaby in way that you rather feel like falling asleep than listening to the song. But indeed, the song is a bit softer again and very melodic. The first three songs on these Outtakes & Rarities are really catching stuff.

4. Clocks Quit Ticking

Especially the finish of this track is something for guitar lovers. After a very slow and atmospheric start, the drums and guitars take over at about half of the 4:24 minute songs. Ascending run, Rock’n’Roll style.

5. Letter Of Recommendation

Letter Of Recommendation is much more melodic and – vice versa – less electric distortion. The longest track on the album almost feels like a ballad after the first four songs – and there is also a touch of blues. Nice!

6. Different Planet (feat Vallada Eu Te Amo Session)

For this song, the band is supported by the female vocalist Vallada. I would love to have more presence of her in the song, which again comes with a nice melody and strong keyboard elements.

7. Continental Drift

Continental Drift is just not present enough today. It reminds me of the second song of the album, Not Today but Tomorrow, but is rather a weaker song. Bad luck, the vocals are not too bad… And let’s be honest: there is definitely a lack of songs about plate techtonics in rock music history.

8. Blocks And Bricks (Pitchtuner RMX)

I was not too fond of Continental Drift… and unfortunately, this Blocks And Bricks remix does not really catch me as well. Sorry!

9. Watching Myself

Watching Myself has been one of the single releases before the album – and it was a wise selection: After a slow, atmospheric start, the song gains a lot of power. The instruments might be a bit too dominant compared to the vocals, but the song just delivers what you would expect out of an album called Rarities & Outtakes.

10. Fortune (feat. Eletrofan TV Trama Brazil)

Fortune is quite a travel back in band history: indeed, this live recording has been recorded in 2011 in Sao Paolo, Brazil, already. It is a nice finish of the album, but overall, I feel the album is more like six, seven really good track and some on-top material. Fortune is rather one of the goodies, unfortunately.


Tusq – Rarities & Outtakes – Track by Track

Here is a the album on Spotify:


Tusq – Rarities & Outtakes – Track by Track

Tusq are creating a lot of smiles in their Rarities & Outtakes. The band delivers some really nice and well-done tracks. Unfortunately, the last tracks rather majorly seal the fate and leave a weaker memory than the band in fact deserves. Still, if you like Indie / Alternative, you are likely alredy a Tusq follower anyway and will enjoy the golden parts of the album.



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