Jimmy Weber – Black & Blue Heart

Jimmy Weber - Black & Blue Heart



4.4/5 Pros

  • Amazing voice
  • Great songs and arrangements

Black & Blue Heart by Jimmy Weber is another country music album release I just ran into while I scanned the publications as at 22nd January 2021. Unfortunately, I did not find too much additional bio, so that I cannot introduce you more deeply into this artist. The album has a cool sound, though.


Jimmy Weber – About The Artist

Jimmy Weber is doing music since quite a while. The first album I found of him is a 2003 one, Miles of Emotion. His releases are rather scattered, though – Black & Blue Heart is just his third studio album overall and the first one since eleven years. His previous release was a 2010 self-titled album. His website bio also states a 24 year career at the US Air Force, where he also has been a member of the US Air Force Band. Due to his previous military career you also find a couple of videos of him performing the US national anthem.


Jimmy Weber – Black & Blue Heart – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Black & Blue Heart

The album starts with the title track – and it is a really nice country music song with some traditional elements and a very nice, gentle voice. A very promising beginning of the album, indeed.

2. Stone Cold Painkiller

Baby tonight I need you to stay
Help me to take all of this here away
Better than Jack, better than Miller
You look like stone cold painkiller

The sound of this song is quite traditional – and also feels to touch some stereotypes. But hey, Jimmy Weber is doing a lovely track and the lyrics are cool as well. Cheers!

3. You

After three songs, I just enjoy to listen to Jimmy Weber and his songs. On the one hand, it feels so traditional, so different compared to many Nashville mainstream track. But it is not old-fashioned at all. You with its powerful electric guitar parts is a perfect example for that. Could be a great soundtrack for my next US road trip.

4. I Loved You Tough

I should have loved you tender
but I loved you tough

One of the best powerful country ballads I have listened to for quite a while. Lovely arrangement, cool lyrics – and great melody. That’s a damn good song!

5. Black Raven

On the melodic side, the Black Raven is a huge surprise after the first four songs. Especially the acoustic guitar gives a touch of Latin American music. Cool sound.

6. Western Moon

Western Moon is a straight country song again. One of the best songs on the album regarding the vocal performance (which is really good on all songs of Black & Blue Heart). Great one!

7. Just Be Mine Tonight

Baby, I need you and you need me
Maybe someday you leave me
Never say never – if not forever
Just be mine tonight.

If Jimmy Weber asked the right in the way of Just Be Mine Tonight, I am sure he had some pretty good time thereafter. That’s all I got to say about this song with its cool electric guitar solo.

8. The Lord’s Got My Soul (feat. Ray Scott)

I saw that Jimmy Weber already performed alongside Ray Scott in the Opry. Here they do it together on Weber’s album. The steel guitar is very present in this quick and rhythmic track. Later, there is a nice keyboard support. Great stuff.

9. Dead Man’s Prayer

The Dead Man’s Prayer is very intimate – but especially during the chorus, Weber again creates so much power. His vocal performance is amazing.

10. Taps (God Is Nigh)

Taps (God Is Nigh) was the only song I found a pre-release of – and it is already dated of May 2018. The song feels like a prayer in the verses, but turns into a pretty modern country song in the chorus. Cool!


Jimmy Weber – Black & Blue Heart – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to the album:


Jimmy Weber – Black & Blue Heart – My View

When I wrote the review of Willie Jones’ debut album, Right Now, the same weekend, I stated that Willie Jones is doing pretty cool country music. Jimmy Weber is the complete opposite of Willie Jones. No rap sound, traditional instruments. But hey, this sound does not need to be old fashioned. I feel Jimmy Weber is pretty cool as well – and so is his album. Hope the next one will not be released in eleven years from now again. Top Pick!


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