Starcrawler – She Said

Starcrawler - She Said



3.4/5 Pros

  • Characteristic sound Cons

  • Monotonous
  • No really smashing tracks

Scanning for albums which have been released on 16th September 2022, I ran into the album She Said by the US-American rock band Starcrawler. A somehow special sound – which deserves a closer listen. Here is my review.


Starcrawler – About The Artists

Starcrawler have been founded in Los Angeles in 2015. They mix pop, punk and rock elements. The current band lineup consists of lead singer Arrow de Wilde, guitarist Henri Cash, bassist Tim Franco and drummer Seth Caroline. Recently, Henri’s brother Bill joined the band, who is a guitar player as well, but also plays other instruments like steel guitar. In 2018, the band debuted with a self-titled album. One year later, the band added the album Devour to their discography. Apart from some genre-specific listings, the album also made it into the Scottish album Top 100.


Starcrawler – She Said – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 31 minutes.

1. Roadkill

The opener Roadkill is not only one of the singles released from the album so far, it is also one of the best songs of the album. Nice flavors of punk and alternative sounds. The thumbing style of the guitars and drums leads to a very catching listen, which easily stays in mind. Promising.

2. She Said

Arrow de Wilde is coming with a nice vocal performance on the title track, while Tim Franco is doing for a signature groove on the bass side. Again, the somehow easy structure with frequent repetitions makes you feel the song very quickly. Good one.

3. Stranded

In this opening set of three single releases, Stranded is the longest one with just about four minutes. This time, Henri Cash is introducing the listener to the sound with a nice guitar part. The song starts slow, but then goes for much more energy. Distorted guitars, the rhythm and groove of the song strongly supported by the bass – even though Stranded comes with its own style, there are similarities to the songs before.

4. Thursday

Thusday is more melodic than the songs before. It feels like that band has to rush through the track – they just take 2:22 minutes for it and thus go for the quicker rhythm in here.

5. Broken Angels

Broken Angels sounds very different compared to the three single releases before. The almost lamenting guitar chords give a slight melancholic touch, the song is overall a bit slower. Nice sound – but, again, there feels to be something missing to reach the top of rock music.

6. Jetblack

Jet Black is nicely driven by the guitar – which sounds, if you separate its sound, almost like a surf rock track here and there.

That’s how I like it
Try to change me
I won’t fight it

7. True Deranged

True Deranged is one of my favorites, it comes with a nice speed and rhythm and a clear melody. Still quite a step away from might brightest smile while listening, though.

8. Midnight

To me, Midnight comes with a slightly wicked sound. I enjoy listening to the howling guitars in the background, Bad luck that Starcrawler fails to develop a nice plot from the foundation they create in the first minute of the three minute song.

9. Runaway

In this album, the faster songs are the best ones in my point of view. Thus, I also enjoy listening to Runaway, which especially gives Henri Cash some chances to showcases his instrumental skills. Good one.

10. Better Place

The last track has an acoustic touch and thus feels a bit like a country song. Nice to have another flavor in this song. Bill Cash is adding pedal steel and banjo sounds to this track, by the way.


Starcrawler – She Said – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Starcrawler – She Said – My View

I just feel that Starcrawler has much more potential than they actually show on this album. The sound as such is not too bad – they just do not create a special and versatile sound. The album overall feels a bit of boring it does not offer too many variable moments. Not really bad, but also not more than a solid listen to me.


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