Priscilla Block – Welcome To The Block Party

Priscilla Block - Welcome To The Block Party



4.2/5 Pros

  • Good album
  • Some really good, energetic songs with good stories Cons

  • Very few new tracks
  • The new songs don't add that much

You might struggle with her self-marketing with slogans like “Queen of Bots” or “I like my hair high – and my heels higher” – but you can hardly deny that Priscilla Block had a massive country music career during the last two years. The ACM Awards recently nominated her as the New Female Artist of the Year – and on 11th February 2022, she is releasing her very first albumWelcome To The Block Party. After some big single releases, I have of course been curious about this one.


Priscilla Block – About The Artist

Priscilla Block is from Raleigh, North Carolina. She was born there on 11th August 1995. Right after high school, she decided to move to Nashville. She wrote the song Just About Over You in 2020 and published it on her TikTok account. This finally did not only lead to 14.6 million streams on Spotify only so far – but also to her first record deal. However, this has not been her debut release. In 2017, she had an EPDifferent Route, with the single release Tip of My Tongue. Both did not have commercial success. A couple of songs of the album have already been released on a 2021 EP – one song is updated as Block Party Version.


Priscilla Block – Welcome To The Block Party – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 34 minutes

1. Welcome To The Block Party

34 seconds of introducing you to the Block Party. The intro is nothing but some show host and other speaker announcement plus Priscilla stating Welcome To The Block Party, before the album fluently continues with My Bar.

2. My Bar

Don’t come walkin’ in like you own it, you own it
I hate to break it to you, you don’t, yeah, you don’t
You think you’re such a star but here’s the funny part
No one even knows who you are
This is my bar
Yeah, this is my bar

A typical Priscilla Block song to start the album with. The pre-release song is full of self-confidence and energy, but also comes with some rather quiet moments. Nice one.

3. Heels In Hand

Heels In Hand is also known to Priscilla Block fans already. The song about a one night stand is a straight modern country song with pop and rock elements and the characteristic powerful voice of Block. Nice one, but not overwhelming to me.

4. Like A Boy

The first new song is a slower, very emotional song. I like the way Block is putting the despair and anger of an (unnecessary) break-up into this kind of melodic arrangement. Good one.

5. I Know A Girl (feat. Hillary Lindsey)

For the fifth track, Priscilla Block is joined by Hillary Lindsay. A beautiful, gentle song with a catching chorus. Nice picturesque storytelling. The vocal collaboration at the end of the song leads to a nice touch as well.

6. Ever Since You Left

After two rather slower and quieter songs, Ever Since You Left comes with powerful guitars and a strong groove. Moving to the music is almost mandatory. Another song, another break-up – this time with a higher fun-factor while listening to the track.

7. Thick Thighs (Block Party Version)

God bless the Kardashians for bringing curves back
And all the sexy one-pieces hangin’ on the racks
If you can’t handle these love handles
You can find me at McDonald’s
And trust me, we’ll be lovin’ it

No body shaming in this song for sure. You learn that I’ve been eatin’ carbs since ’95 in the chorus. The song makes me smile. Quite a contrast to the current beauty craze. Definitely appreciate that one.

8. I Bet You Wanna Know

I really enjoyed I Bet You Wanna Know when it has been published in early 2021 as part of Block’s EP promotion. Thus, I am a bit a surprised that I am not that much in it any more in the context of the album. Six million streams on Spotify only proof me wrong already, though.

9. I’ve Gotten Good

I’ve Gotten Good is melodically not too different from its predecessor (with a lower vibe, maybe). Nonetheless, I enjoy this more more. Good song, but I miss the strong pictures Priscilla Block lyrics are creating in other songs.

10. Wish You Were The Whiskey

The last three songs of the album just include songs which have already been release. Wish You Were The Whiskey has been a great success – and the powerful and rocking track is still one of my favorites. Just a good song.

11. Just About Over You (Radio Edit)

Should I argue against 14.6 million streams on a single of a debut album? Likely not. Do I want to do so? Definitely not. Good one.

12. Peaked In High School

Peaked In High School has been Priscilla Block’s final single in 2021. A song which strongly reminds me of Fat and Famous by Ashley McBryde, even though Block gives her track a very different sound and touch. Finally, her way of closing the song – and the album is simple, but good:

And to all the girls who made me cry
Thank you for being here tonight


Priscilla Block – Welcome To The Block Party – Spotify

Here is Welcome To The Block Party on Spotify


Priscilla Block – Welcome To The Block Party – My View

Finally, you get four really new songs and a meaningless intro in a set of twelve songs. Unfortunately, only I Know A Girl is a really great one out of these. A typical Nashville debut album, unfortunately. If you haven’t listened to Priscilla Block yet, though, you will get some really good music. Songs like Thick Thighs or Peaked In High School are really good – and then there is Just About Over You… But I guess you know this one already. The already released tracks made me long for more Priscilla Block songs, the album is just easing the waiting time slightly.


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