JORIS – Willkommen Goodbye

JORIS - Willkommen Goodbye



4.1/5 Pros

  • Characteristic, catchy voice
  • Nice stories and lovely musical atmosphere

New stuff from JORIS: the German singer-songwriter with a touch of rock music is about to present his third album. It is called Willkommen Goodbye – thereby Willkommen means “welcome”. He currently takes part in the German TV show Sing meinen Song (“Sing my Song”). The album will be released on 23rd April 2021.


JORIS – About The Artist

Joris Ramon Buchholz was born on 1st December 1989 in Stuhr-Brinkum, South of Bremen, Germany. He grew up in Vlotho, Northrhine-Westfalia. He is a multi-instrumentalists. His first role in a school band was a drummer, before he became piano player, guitarist and singer in his first own band. In a pop academy, he ran into the today’s members of his band. Just one year after JORIS (his name is spelled in all caps) signed his first record deal, he released the single Herz über Kopf (“Heart over head”). The has been a massive success, went up to the third spot in Austria and gained a platinum record in Germany. This also drove his debut album to a huge success: Hoffnungslos, Hoffnungsvoll (“Hopeless, hopeful”) stayed in the German charts for about a year and peaked third.

The 2018 album Schrei es raus had reasonable chart placements, but could overall not connect to the success of his debut. The massive success of his debut album also lead to a couple of remarkable national music awards.


JORIS – Willkommen Goodbye – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Sturm & Drang

Sturm & Drang, the opener of the album, is a typical JORIS track: his characteristic raspy voice, quiet verses and a powerful melodic chorus. A very catchy song.

2. Nur die Musik

The press information to the album states that the album’s original name was Nur die Musik – “Just the music”. Thus, this single is something like the hidden title track of the record. The song spreads some summer vibes and good mood. To too surprisingly, it has been quite successful when JORIS released it last year.

Don’t give a f-
Heut’ kann mit keiner was
Und in meinem Kopf nur die Musik
Drück’ immer wieder auf Repeat
Don’t give a f-
Heut’ kann mit keiner was
Die ganze Welt ist frisch verliebt
In meinem Kopf nur dieses Lied
Nur die Musik, nur die Musik

(“Don’t give a f*
Today, nobody can harm me
And there is just the music in my head
I press on repeat again and again
Don’t give a f*
Today, nobody can harm me
The whole world has just fallen in love
And there is just the song in my head
Just the music, just the music”)

3. – pt 1 – Aurora

This instrumental one minute interlude is thought to be a musical homage to the sunrise. Nice intermission.

4. Untergang

The “doom” is following right after the sunrise? The song is not melancholic or sad at all. This Untergang is rather happy and empowering. Much better than a sad one.

5. No Drama Song

Piano, bass sounds. some brass and JORIS’s voice – it does not need much for this artist to create a nice, rhythmic vibe. The song feels like summer, like smiling, like dancing. A nice fit to the song – as it is about not taking everything too seriously.

6. Home Again (feat. Lotte)

Home Again is a dreamy duet with German singer-songwriter LOTTE from Ravensburg. The song is really a beauty and comes with a very cuddly spirit. Without a doubt a really special song on this album.

7. 2017

2017 was the year in which JORIS’ long-term relationship broke up. Finally, this song is maybe the most intimate (and definitely: the most personal) song on the album. JORIS is almost crying desperately while singing. Melancholic, but also magical – this song is a great one.

8. Steine

Ich kann nicht für Dich fallen, aber ich kann Dich auffangen – “I cannot fall for you, but I can catch you”. Steine (“Stones”) is a lovely love letter and oath of allegiance.

9. Willkommen Goodbye

This is the “new” title track of the album – another song which has already been released before the album. The song is questioning

Was, wenn das kein Ende ist?
Sag’, wie viel Willkommen steckt in Goodbye?

(“What is if that is no ending?
How much ‘Welcome’ is in ‘Goodbye’?”)

It is one of the most metaphoric and beautiful songs of the album.

10. – pt 2 – Nachtmusik

This second intermission song is very different from the third track of the album. It is quoting the main theme of the title track and using strings, but also vocals. This one spreads some atmosphere – but I definitely loved the first intermission more.

11. Game Over

The album closes with its longest track, Game Over. A breakup and farewell song, which feels like the perfect farewell from this album.


JORIS – Willkommen Goodbye – Spotify

Here is JORIS’ album on Spotify:


JORIS – Willkommen Goodbye – My View

JORIS really did a good third studio album. His voice is his signature element – you just recognize his words, but also the sound of the music. The album does not get boring, even though it follows its own style. Really nice compositions. Great singer-songwriting!


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