Moncrieff – Warm EP

Moncrieff - Warm EP



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice range of tracks Cons

  • Just two new songs...
  • ... which don't add that much value

The Irish artist Moncrieff is very interesting. He had one Top 10 hit already, but also got very good reputation from artists like Elton John. Adele selected him as a member of er background choir, due to his soulful voice. On 2nd September, the pop artist is releasing his third EPWarm. Here is my review.


Moncrieff – About The Artist

Moncrieff’s civil name is Chris Breheny, he was born in Waterford in Ireland, but he nowadays lives in London. As a teenage artist, he had to face that two of his siblings died. He is releasing music since 2017. Two years later, The Early Hurts has been his first EP release. The song Like I Do has been the most popular one of this set of songs with a total of over 400k Spotify streams only. In 2020, The Class of 2020 has been Moncrieff’s second EP. However, his real breakthrough was the single Warm in 2022. The song made it to the UK Top 10 Charts and has been streamed 4.6 million times on Spotify only at the time of writing.


Moncrieff – Warm – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 20 minutes.

1. Warm

The EP opens with the the title track. You could also say that the Irish artist is playing it safe – the song already proofed that people love it. A great pop track with a nice sing-al-lot character and a touch of folk.

2. Ruin

Ruin has been the single released right after warm. It reached 600k streams on Spotify so far. I feel it is a good one, but it just does not reach the title track of this EP.

3. Rewind

Only two songs of this EP have not yet been released (in that way). Rewind is the first one of them. The song is overall more dramatic than the songs before, comes with a strong accentuation. I would even say, it somehow ignores the success factors of a song like Warm.

4. Talk

If I don’t believe in God
Who can I call?
Maybe it’s easier
To to end it at all

The song has in fact already been released in July 2021, dealing with the suicidal thoughts after the artist’s siblings have died. Definitely the most intimate and most impressive listen of this EP.

5. I’m With You

This 2002 Avril Lavigne song seemed to have been part of the live set of Moncrieff – at least, I found some live recordings of this song at all. A very different style of interpreting this twenty year old song – but I absolutely like it.

6. Thank You

We had love and we lost it – the song initially feels like a slow, melancholic song, but roughly in the middle of Thank You, the song already creates some very rhythmic sections. Nice plot.


Moncrieff – Warm – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Moncrieff – Warm – My View

These six songs are a really nice showcase of Moncrieff’s music. It shows a wide variety of different listens. On the other hand, you just get two new songs – and the songs which are driving the quality of the listen have been released before. Thus, my rating is maybe below your expectations.


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