As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other

As Everything Unfolds - Within Each Lies The Other



3.6/5 Pros

  • Good heavy rock production
  • Talented band with a fascinating singer Cons

  • The song are too similar

This release is for the guitar lovers. As Everything Unfolds is a band from Southern England, which has developed very well during the last years – so that they are now about to release their debut album. Within Each Lies The Other is going to be released on 26th March 2021.


As Everything Unfolds – About The Artists

As Everything Unfolds are a British Post-Hardcore band from High Wycombe, West of London. The band has six members. Charlie Rolfe is the singer of the sextet. Adam Kerr and Owen Hill play the guitars, George Hunt is at the bass. Jon Cassidy is the guy for the key, while Jamie Gowers is the drummer. The debuted with the 2018 with their EP Closure and grew their fanbase steadily. So far, the band had over one million streams already.


As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 40 minutes.

1. On The Inside

The album starts with On The Inside, which is a nice alt rocker with heavy guitar plays. The boys on the strings dominate the song – as long as Charlie Rolfe is not taking over the microphone. No matter if melodic singing or screaming – this girl does it just right and does a good job on her position

2. Take Me There

I just have to smile about Charlie Rolfe – don’t have this lady against you in a relationship drama. The way she quickly changes from an almost angel-like melodic singing to a haunted witch screaming and growling is simply amazing. The band has an easy time if the leader is that entertaining – and they do a good job at Take Me There again. Good job.

3. Wallow

Wallow is not just longer than the two songs before (in fact, it is even the longest track on the album), it also feels a bit more hymnic and sedated. This does not not prevent Jamie Gowers from abusing the drumheads on the rhythmic stool in some parts. Nice breaks of atmosphere and a really nice song.

4. Stranger In The Mirror

The stranger in the mirror is smothering me
Grabbing hold of what I want to believe
Pull me out, pull me out
Or let me drown, lеt me drown

Stranger In The Mirror is a bit more melodic and rocking and less heavy. The band does a very harmonic songs, with the band happily scrubbing the guitar string. Enjoyable.

5. I’m Not The Only One

Stranger in the Mirror just feels like a little break when you listen to I’m Not The Only One thereafter. As Everything Unfolds raise the energy level again, especially Gowers on the drums is firing a firework of rhythms.

6. Grayscale

I only see life in grayscale now
Life in dead flowers, colours in dark hours
Life is grayscale now
Nobody told you to live this way
Embrace the devil on my shoulder
A weight to bear as I declare
Life is grayscale

I feel that the chorus of Grayscale is one of the best of the album. Thus, the song is definitely one of my favorites. However, the first six songs have been quite close to each other. The more I appreciate the ballad-alike middle part of this song. About a minute of illstrating that this band even sounds good in the softer tunes.

7. Stay

I first thought that stay is a song without dark elements and shouting, but finally, they do it again. I like the way the songs are set up, especially the way the instrumentalists can present themselves and their skills. Nice one.

8. Let Me Go

The second longest song of the album leads to another very versatile one: powerful elements and quiet episodes are altering over four minutes in Let Me Go.

9. Hiding From Myself

Hiding from myself
The shadows, they’re watching over me
Conscious numbing out
But no-one, no-one believes me

This song, one of the album singles, is maybe the most illustrative one for me: I feel Hiding From Myself is a good song – but I feel that As Everything Unfolds can do better. And after having listened to nine songs, the band does not surprise me anymore. The riffs, the melodies, the rhythms, they all feel familiar already.

10. One Last Time

One Last Time plays a lot with atmospheric elements, so that there is a certain focus on Jon Kassidy at the keyboards. The marching sounds in the quiet parts have a touch of threat.

11. Wither

Again, Wither is beginning like a nice power ballad. I really would have loved to have one or two songs where the band is not recording songs full of breaks. The verses feel so good. The powerful chorus parts are not too bad as well, but not that special.


As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other – Spotify

Here, you can listen to As Everything Unfolds:


As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other – My View

Within Each Lies The Other is a debut album – and definitely, these Brits show that they got a lot of talent and are able to write good songs. Sometimes, I feel that they push too hard, though. And they need to add more different styles into their range of songs. If you (more or less randomly) pick a couple of songs, you will have a really good time wit As Everything Unfolds. The full 40 minutes might be a bit too long to listen.


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