Tiffany Johnson – Over Emotional EP

Tiffany Johnson - Over Emotional



3.5/5 Pros

  • Clear modern style
  • Good stories and good atmosphere

The EP Over Emotional by country artist Tiffany Johnson was definitely one of the 4th November 2022 I was looking forward most to. After I introduced you to the lovely US artist in one of my Spotlight interviews, I followed her development. Especially the recent releases and live show snippets thereby felt very promising. Here is my EP review.


Tiffany Johnson – About The Artist

Tiffany Johnson is a country music artist from South Dakota. When I introduced you to the emerging artist in August 2020, she was majorly commuting between her home town and Nashville. The same month, she released her self-titled debut EP.


Tiffany Johnson – Over Emotional – Track by Track

The seven song EP lasts 25 minutes.

1. Anybody Else

The first three songs of the EP have already been released by Tiffany. Anybody Else is likely the most surprising style of them. Very atmospheric pop music with country roots. Some of the songs remind me of Taylor Swift works. Nice arrangement.

2. Warning label

If you look at the number of streams only, this is Tiffany Johnson’s most successful single taken from Over Empotional so far. The Taylor-similarity is even stronger in this one. I like it.

3. Over Emotional

The last, but not least, part of this trio of single releases is the title track. I unfortunately feel that Over Emotional does not really emancipates too much from its predecessor. Nice storytelling, though.

4. Nothing Else I Can Do

Good to have a different sound in this fourth song now. Nothing Else I Can Do at least starts very gentle and slowly. However, the song turns out to have some really energetic moments. I feel I would have loved if it kept this power. The pre-chorus and chorus spreads quite some magic.

5. All 4 U

The keys are taking over the role of the leading instrument in this song. I feel it is a perfect much to the high, angelic voice of Tiffany Johnson. A very dream-ish, atmospheric listen.

6. Brooklyn

Brooklyn closes the six tracks before the bonus song with breaks between the fragile voice of Tiffany and a rather dark atmosphere. Very interesting listen – definitely a nice addition to these songs.

7. Medicine

Medicine is marked as bonus track of the EP. It also prolongs the EP by almost five minutes. The song is concentrating on Tiffany’s voice in many parts, but then surprises with very intense electronic background sounds. A bit of frightening and daemonic.



Tiffany Johnson – Over Emotional – Spotify

Here is Over Emotional on Spotify:


Tiffany Johnson – Over Emotional – My View

I like Over Emotional. Tiffany is defining and developing her own style. I feel that this will be a good foundation for her next steps. Very good stories, nice way to present them as well, even though not all recordings lead to a catch.


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