Meghan Patrick – Wild As Me EP

Meghan Patrick - Wild as Me



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very versatile EP
  • Good stories

When my appetite for country music intensified some three years ago, I also ran into the music of Meghan Patrick, who just had released some singles and her debut album in Canada and seemed to be on the rise. On 6th September 2019, Patrick will release her first Extended PlayWild as Me, after having released two albums so far. Here is my review.


Meghan Patrick – About the Artist

Meghan Patrick was born in 1987 in Ontario in Canada. Before she started a career as a solo act, she did the lead vocals in a comparably popular band called The Stone Sparrows. She signed at Warner Music Canada and released her first album, Grace & Grit, in April 2016. The first single was already quite a success, going up until #17 in the Canadian Country Charts. The album made it up to place 26, while the two following singles, Grace & Grit and Still Loving You ft. Joe Nichols made it to place 12 and 10 in the singles charts. The fourth single of that album, Be Country with Me, gained a similar placement. In late 2017, the first single of her second album, Country Made Me Do It,  was released and had a peak position of 5. The album created her first chart-topper: Walls Come Down was in the lead of Canadian Country singles. Like many of her songs, it is a quite rocking and powerful interpretation of country music.


Meghan Patrick – Wild as Me – Track by Track

Wild as Me features six songs. The total playtime is

1. Girls Like Me

It ain’t the blonde hair
It ain’t the long legs
Yeah, I’m sure that it don’t hurt
But it ain’t the thing that makes him work
For a girl, for a girl like me

Nice, powerful song, feels a lot like her best previous songs – maybe not Patrick’s very best one, but a really nice starter into this six-course country music menu.

2. Things I Shouldn’t Say

A lovely country music ballad, which definitely has a lot of potential for the “Explicit Lyrics” sticker on the cover of that EP.

I just want your hands on me
I don’t want you to let me sleep
So put me up against the wall, against that wall
Like you ain’t afraid
To love me so hard, baby
Right here in the hallway, yeah
Just wanna do all the things, all the things I shouldn’t say

Quite explicit, ain’t it? Really good song – maybe my favorite on Wild As Me.

3. Wild As Me

The title track of that EP, Wild As Me, sounds a bit like a mixture of the first two songs: powerful, but still a ballad. Another song about love – but this time, you may rather allow your kids to listen to it.

4 Praying Right

I am not religious at all (as I stated in my Holy Land Experience review) – but this one is a nice topic: being split between the life you are living and wanted to be loved by God. I am sure he loves you – after that song latest:

Can I sing Amazing Grace with last nights whiskey on my breath?
Do I deserve your love with the little bit of faith I’ve got left?
Am I saying the right things?
Am I getting through?
Is it too late to turn to you
I’m trying, Lord I’m trying to find the light
Tell me am I praying right?

The video below is taken from a Songwriters Round:

5. I Don’t Look At Him

Another song which is having this mixture of a soft song and the powerful voice of Meghan Patrick. She is just a lovely performer of these songs – this one is about being between two guys.

6. Chaser

Chaser was already released in August 2019, some three weeks before the EP. A bit more on the powerful and up-tempo side. A good song.

Meghan Patrick – Wild as Me – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotiy:


Meghan Patrick – Wild as Me – My View

Meghan Patrick fascinated me from the very beginning I listened to her songs. Thus, I do love these six tracks. The storytelling is really cool, her voice is powerful, has soul and is also characteristic. Nice to see the Canadian country girls like Lindsay Ell, Jess Moskaluke or Meghan Patrick doing so well. I still don’t feel it is an absolute top rating, just because the songs are very close together and could be more characteristic on the melodic side as well. On the other hand I am sure that if you have to see this girl on stage, you will have a blast – due to her existing material and due to these six new songs.



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