MARBL – The Sunsets and Dawns of Everything EP

MARBL - The Sunsets and Dawns of Everything



4.0/5 Pros

  • Beautiful sound
  • Lovely atmospehre Cons

  • Some tracks are similar

New songs from MARBL: some three years after I reviewed the EP The Flight of the Hawks by the Israelian, she is releasing a new smaller set of songs on 27th May 2022. Here is my view about The Sunsets and Dawns of Everything.


MARBL – About The Artist

MARBL is an Israeli indie folk act. Interestingly, the English press kit names MARBL a “band”, while my German information is referring to an “artist”. The lead artist’s civil name is Moria Or, she is living in Tel Aviv. Her previous (and, overall sophomore) EP The Flight of The Hawks has received quite some good critics.


MARBL – The Sunsets and Dawns of Everything – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. The First Day Of The Rain

The Israeli artist with her softest voice, piano and string sounds in the background. There are a lot of emotions at this EP opener. I personally would not call it “kitsch”, but just beautiful. Lovely ballad.

2. You (Make Me Feel Brand New)

The second song is a slower one. The backing sounds create a very different atmosphere, though – You is almost a dream pop song. Very present listen, even though I would feel it could have some more surprising moments.

3. It’s Always Our O’clock Somewhere

With the acoustic guitar being the key melodic instrument, MARBL’s third song on this EP is rather going to the folk music direction. I like the arrangement and that the song different flavors of her voice.

4. Never Get Out

Never Get Out just needs very little to be fascinating. No song illustrates what is the characteristic element of MARBL’s music better than this track.

5. Everybody’s Getting Married

The song is suprisingly melodic, surprising pop-alike, compared to the other songs of The Sunsets and Daws of Everything. The almost chime-alike elements in the backgrounds makes the song feel like a musical fairy tale. Doesn’t that somehow suit to the title?

6. Time Can Wait

The four minute closing track is again mixing dream-ish elements with folk sounds. MARBL creates sounds right for your heart. Nice one.


MARBL – The Sunsets and Dawns of Everything – Spotify

Here is The Sunsets and Dawns of Everything on Spotify:


MARBL – The Sunsets and Dawns of Everything – My View

MARBL’s latest EP feels like spring, like love, like emotions. Not all songs might be top class, but they simply create a lovely beauty, a catching atmosphere. I absolutely like that. Very nice listen.


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