The Secret Sisters – Saturn Return

The Secret Sisters - Saturn Return



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very good lyrics, superb stories
  • Atmospheric and wise arrangements / production Cons

  • Very demanding album - you need to invest in it

The Secret Sisters siblings had quite quick success after they formed in 2009.  Last Friday, on 28th February 2020, they released their fourth studio album, Saturn Return. Here is my review.


The Secret Sisters – About The Artists

The Secret Sisters are an Alabama-origin country / Americana duo. The two artists, Laura and Lydia Rogers are sisters. Their name is also a reaction to a band their grandfather founded with her brothers – the Happy Valley Boys. However, they initially did not consider to do it in music, especially as Laura felt to be rather to become a businessperson. An audition Laura successfully finished in Nashville was the starting point of their collaboration. Starting to sing together in 2009, they already published their first (self-titled) album The Secret Sisters, whih went for quite decent chart placements – even though it just contained two orginials and was loaded with covers. The 2014 album was an absolute breakthrough (if there was sill any doubt), when Put Your Needle Town topped the US Heat sharts and became third / 18th in the US Folk and Country albums. Saturn Return is their fourth studio album.


The Secret Sisters – Saturn Return – Track by Track

The ten new The Secret Sisters songs last roughly 40 minutes.

1. Silver

Two nice vocals, very classic country music arrangements – SIlver is already setting a milestone for this album. Really nice and catching song. Especially the chorus sung together gives a lot of atmosphere. Nice!

2. Late Bloomer

I’m a late bloomer
I’m a late bloomer
This is surely true
It doesn’t matter when you bloom
It matters that you do

What a lovely song with definite radio qualities. Very nice music and storytelling. Really like it!

3. Cabin

At Amazon Music, which I typically use to write my reviews (if I do not have any promos or similar), Cabin is the best rated song of the album. I needed to smile a bit while I listened – it feels a bit like Kacey Musgraves to me. I again like the different ways these two voices may sound. A good trac, definitely!

4. Hand Over My Heart

A comparably slow and intense track – whowever, the bridge gives even a bit of rock music sounds. The sisters’ songs live from their vocals and stories, definitely.

5. Fair

Fair is even more minimalist than previous songs of the album. Just the two girls and an acoustic guitar.  I like these kind of tracks – they will be great on stage definitely!

6. Tin Can Angel

Flyin’ east with the night on your heels
Cheat the time and the distance and the light
That sky ain’t my friend, but I’ll see her again
She’s gonna hold me in her arms tonight

Send me down a tin can angel
Will she rock me on the wind?
Gonna need a tin can angel
‘Cause I’ll be sleepin’ in the clouds again

The Tin Can Angel is slow, but has a clear rhythm, you just have to move slowly from the left to the right and back.

7. Nowhere, Baby

To me, Nowhere, Baby has the most beautiful melody of the whole album. The song is also more present and is just a good listen to.

8. Hold You Dear

You just won’t get a rocking track or a party song when you buy or stream this album. Hold You Dear is another beautiful composition and arrangements, even with the kitsch of violin sounds in the background. But the focus of the songs id definitely on the lyrics.

9. Water Witch

Water Witch is one of the most intense tracks of the album to me. The singing is very powerful in here, which makes it a very special track of Saturn Return. Nice!

10. Healer in the Sky

I looked at you from the patio
Slidin’ down the hill in the winter snow
Now you look at me, lines upon your face
That was years ago, now you take my place

And I don’t have a doubt you will be alright
‘Cause I know there’s a healer in the sky
When my candle burns out, you will be alright
‘Cause I know there’s a healer in the sky
Healer in the sky

My favorite lyrics of the album. Lovely storytelling. Impressed – thank you!


The Secret Sisters – Saturn Return – Spotify

Here is the Spotify link to Saturn Return:


The Secret Sisters – Saturn Return – My View

The album is a lovely piece for music and songwriting lovers. It has a clear focus – the stories – and a clear way to transport the focus – the two voices. Very well arranged to reach that taget. On the negative side, there is no song which is giving you power, making you happy if you are not investing in it and give your time and your focus on the song. Just being quite exhausted and jetlagged from my California with the Pittsburgh Penguins trip, it is sometimes hard for me to give that investment.

Saturn Return is neither an album for your Saturday night, when you put the party boots on – nor for the Friday evening when you come back home exhausted from a long week at work. If you give the album the right spot in your life, it will make you happy! Country Music Reviews

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