Daniel Holmes – Dead End Town

Daniel Holmes - Dead End Town



4.4/5 Pros

  • Powerful country rock / Southern rock tracks
  • Great lyrics
  • Eight really good songs Cons

  • Just eight tracks

Another new country album I ran into on 29th January 2021 was Dead End Town by Daniel Holmes. The album felt to be very powerful to me from the very beginning – so just had to share it with you. Another new name on – welcome!


Daniel Holmes – About The Artist

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you too much about Daniel Holmes apart from that he is a Texas Red Dirt country music artist. His Facebook profile das not have too much bio and his homepage was down at the time of the release. He feels to be active for quite a long time, though – the video below is dated as of 2014.


Daniel Holmes – Dead End Town

The eight track album lasts 31 minutes

1. Drive

How could a song called Drive start better than with a starting engine and a teaser from the imaginary car radio. The review is rather about what follows thereafter, of course – and Daniel Holmes does a great job. The very catchy, melodic and powerful country track makes you look forward to the following songs.

2. Dead End Town

The Dead End Town scene is the topic of the second song. The song has the same elements as Drive: good melody and good vocals, power and a story which is a nice listen. There is even a short fiddle solo this time. I like Drive more – but Dead End Town is a great one as well.

3. Heartbreak Tonight

So please go home
I don’t wanna see you cry
I don’t wanna see the pain
falling from those eyes
Please walk away
so I can I tried
You can say I lied
I don’t have to be
Your heartbreak tonight.

The lyrics already tell it – this is a song for the heart and emotions. The whiny steel guitar sound feels the right match to the emotional Heartbreak Tonight. The song is an absolute beauty. Love it!

4. Waitin’ (WiFi Song)

A song about broken WiFi is indeed a topic I rarely ran into during my country music reviews – the more I am thankful about songs which topic stuff which really cares nowadays. At least I can relate to that track very well. Daniel Holmes gives me an easy opportunity to relate to his stories anyway – just by the way he tells them in his songs.

5. Dear Momma

Dear Momma, in which the fiddle takes a very quite and supporting role, is the emotional and intimate highlight of the album. Another proof for: the more you rock, the better your ballads are.

6. Population You & Me

Population You & Me is a lovely country rocker with a lot of Southern States spirit. Another track which is just a great listen.

7. Fairytale

The seventh track is one of the singles released before the album. It is not my favorite, but it is indeed a cool track.


8. Rooster in the Henhouse

The Rooster in the Henhouse is dark, it is powerful… and it is a lot of fun. The album unfortunately barely exceeds thirty minutes of duration, but it ends in style. Fine Southern rock.


Daniel Holmes – Dead End Town – Spotify

Here is Dead End Town on Spotify:


Daniel Holmes – Dead End Town – My View

Bad luck I cannot tell you more about Daniel Holmes – he would definitely deserve more personal honor for Dead End Town. The album could have a few more tracks, but it at least comes with a lot of power. If you love country rock / Southern rock, you definitely need to give Mr Holmes a listen. I love it – and that’s what finally calls a Top Pick!.


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