The Legendary – Warlord

The Legendary - Warlord



4.4/5 Pros

  • Great, entertaining rock album
  • Versatile work on the instruments and the vocal side
  • Very entertaining listen Cons

  • Just eight songs

An album with a bunny – how could I not give a review of Warlord, the album by the stoner rock band The Legendary. The Munich foursome has been releasing the album on 10th February 2023.- and as I also really liked it, I just had to share my thoughts with you.


The Legendary – About The Artists

The Legendary have been founded in Munich in 2014. The German band released their debut album three years later. Let’s Get A Little High already had quite some success. However, the band took a hiatus thereafter and struggled with their lineup, especially on the drumming position. Thus, Warlord is their second album release. The current lineup consists of Thorsten Rock (vocals, guitar), Roland Vencelj (guitar), Basti Philipp (bass) auf Jürgen BamBam Wiehler (drums).


The Legendary – Warlord – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Blind

The first song of the album is Blind. At least, the Bavarian band is not at all blind in writing songs – they catch you with smashing guitar work and a powerful drive of the song. Thorsten Rock is adding a nice sound on the microphone, which just perfectly feels like rock’n’roll. I like it.

2. Nylon

After The Legendary warmed us up with the opener, Nylon is even a bit of dirtier, a bit more rock’n’roll around. The guitars are nicely strumming in the background, the vocals sound dark and a bit of grungy. The result is a nice treat for traditional rock lovers.

3. Golden Bell

Is there really already a ballad? The first thirty minutes of the song feel so soupy, you even raise your lighter (for the younger generations: the thing you used for concerts before the mobile phone light) into the sky if you are listening at home or in the road. But then, the almost five minute song becomes a nice rocker, which again has a certain dark touch.

4. Time After Time

No, this one is not a Cyndy Lauper cover. Time After Time might feel a bit too familiar on the instrumental side, but the band has in fact created a very melodic song here – even though the slightly growling sound of the chorus might require some time to get into it.

5. This Is Me With Nothing

The fifth song is album five and a half minutes long. With that, This Is Me With Nothing is the longest song of the album. The Legendary nicely arrange different moods and sound into this melodramatic storytelling. This keeps the song a very entertaining over the full time. Thus, it is one of the most remarkable recordings in here.

6. QWD

The sixth song is the only single release the band had before their bunny album. The sound of their music is just like ZZ Top went harder rock and less groove. Nicely opted appetizer to these eight tracks.

7. Wait On Me

Rockers are simply the best when it comes to emotions, aren’t they? Wait On Me is definitely a beauty in regards of rock ballads – and the whistling in the chorus parts adds quite some signature sound to the listen as well. The very desperate sounding Wait On Me just has to stay in your mind.

8. Warlord

Save the best for last? At least , it is the title track which needs to give us a good feeling after listening the album. And Warlord does that easily. A rather quick track which is again having the right elements to stay in your mind. Good one.


The Legendary – Warlord – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Legendary – Warlord – My View

Listening to the Warlord was definitely entertaining. The Munich band is creating a nice sound. Even where songs share similar elements, they create eight individual listens full of fun and rock. Thus, I definitely recommend this one to rock music lovers.


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